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  1. Counting on a transfer from a couple states and multiple hours away is your counter point to their won't be a drop off? I think I will stick with knowing that losing Starks and Rylee will be a drop off. Also, Colonels_Wear_Blue what is your drop off meter if Ruthsatz isn't the coach next year? If we are doing hypothetical 6'6" bigs from Georgia maybe John Brannen or Chris Mack will come in to coach.
  2. Wish Chandler all the best. Good luck to him in football and everything else. I am curious about a couple of things though. It seems like more than a few of the out of state kids that went to CovCath never finished. Ex: Colin Mchale, Walker Horn, Alexander Parks (Manman), and now Chandler have decided finishing out at CovCath was not for them. I am not even pretending to know or understand their individual situations, but is seems a little odd, right? Also, Evan Ipsaro is the real deal and deserves every offer he gets from any college interested in his skills. However, rumor is that Ruthsatz could be headed to Miami(OH) to join the staff of Travis Steele. This would make a ton of sense since Steele at X just a few weeks ago had not expressed any interest (at least publicly) in Evan up to this point. Then suddenly is at Miami and Evan becomes one of if not the first recruit he reaches out to. Great opportunity for Evan for sure, just makes me think there is a little more than smoke to this rumor. Guess we will find out soon.
  3. Ruthsatz leaving too? So I heard from multiple rumor mills today.
  4. They did bypass this year, but played the past 2 years if I am remembering correctly. I heard somewhere that if teams forfeit playing in the districts then they forfeit their share of the gate.
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