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  1. Don't wait until the draft is over and realize you don't have a decent Running Back, trade and get Mark Ingram from me.
  2. Going to try and play it. Last game we kept having problems staying connected on the server.
  3. It's been a long hard process , congrats Eagles. Defense dominated the playoffs.
  4. This has been a long hard process for our school and team. Excuse me if I get a cigar going and shed a few tears.
  5. The Freshman QB has shown a decent arm. I agree they have to improve the pass game but it's a lot better now than years past.
  6. I've seen the opposite of running the score up this year. JC hasn't scored all that many 2nd half points this year.
  7. Some of those onsides are also 20 yard squib kicks as well. He hates to allow a return by the other team.
  8. How good are JC and Belfry this year? The mountains have two beast this year.
  9. Eagles improvement on defense is the biggest difference from last year. We went with speed over size in a few spots.
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