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  1. Impressive post PP. Being a Duke fan in Kentucky, your objectivity never ceases to amaze me!
  2. It's comments like this that encouraged me to watch the as many scab games as possible the last strike.
  3. The NCAA seems to act with impunity to the facts, they have an agenda and pursue it at far as it will take them. The Baylor statement is a prime example!
  4. You guys are getting way to caught up on arguing the rules. They missed 3 obvious calls in the closing seconds, probably because they had quit because they were tired and considered the game over. That is the real issue, refs cant declare the game over and quit doing their job.
  5. Liggins is my favorite player on this team, and I love this team as much as others. He is the man!
  6. I will just say that I agree with everything the "oldguy posted in this thread'. I agree with clyde that most of us will teach a little lighter if we have several students gone to the tourney.
  7. Thats a no brainer, northern ky is incredible with football success.
  8. Unfortunately the NCAA made it clear that the he didn't know the rule only applied to Newton.
  9. Im not picking on your post, I agree. Yours was the best to make my point.
  10. They shouldn't be able to call any game again. This was not a case of missing calls or making the wrong decision, they quit before the game was over.
  11. I agree with this and your last post.
  12. Under that situation I agree with you totally! If you can afford a day off as your team is playing during the day, I agree also. I keep getting offended by the comments of showing a movie at the end of the year to make up a day by many, what school system are you looking at? I assure you the whole state does not do this. Not picking on an individual poster because I see this every year.
  13. I have no arguments but I believe there may be quite a bit of work to do with two of the bolded. For example, if UNC and Notre Dame win their tourneys I believe they replace Pitt and Duke. UK has work to do to lock up a 4 or 5 but with the right upsets could possibly shoot to a 3 if they win out. As it sits before the tourneys are played, I agree with all of your post.
  14. Im never happy with a Pitt loss, but at least it was to a classy team. Congrats to the Packers you won with class.
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