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BGP QOTD: What tv/movie quotes do you use most often in conversation?

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There are a mess of them for me. I think it's pretty likely that my friends or wife could give you a better list of the quotes I use most often.


"220, 221 - whatever it takes." (Mr. Mom)


"...calmer than you are." (The Big Lebowski)


"Yes...have some." (Ghostbusters)


"Damn! We're in a tight spot!" (O Brother Where Art Thou?)


"It's always 67°, with a 40% chance of rain." (Waiting For Guffman)

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There is almost no limit to the amount of movie quotes I will slip into conversation, so I echo CWB that my friends and wife would likely be able to tell you better than me which ones I use most often.


I do know that there are many Simpsons quotes that I've borderline forgotten were quotes at all that I use. I've said "Everything's coming up Milhouse" so many times that I forgot despite the fact there's a character name in the statement.

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