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  1. They have arrived in Alexandria this morning.
  2. No pics but my daughter played in a tournament there during her 8th grade year (2016) and there were 2 half court lines, almost like using the volleyball lines on each side of the half court line. It took both teams a few possessions to get comfortable with all the lines.
  3. She was in street cloths for the district finals last week.
  4. This game was a battle and both teams left it all on the court. Good job ladies. All tourney team for Scott - Ava Coleman & Sofia Allen. For Brossart - Lauren Macht, Rosie Jump & MVP Marie Kiefer. Good luck to both teams in the regional.
  5. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and grew up with episodes 4-6 so those will always be my favorites. I like them all but there are characters/scenes that I not dislike in some of the movies. My hot take, Rogue One is one of the best Star Wars films not 4-6.
  6. The first half will be played in full no matter the score line. Once the winning team reaches a 10 goal lead the game is over in the second half (if the second half is necessary).
  7. Braveheart Star Wars (4,5,6) The Hangover The Good The Bad & The Ugly Pulp Fiction
  8. This happens to me on my work computer (shhhh) just about every time but never on my phone.
  9. My daughter plays varsity basketball and there have been at least a half dozen teams that stand in this particular formation when they are announced an I have never felt it was for intimidation purposes. I feel like its more of showing respect to your opponent. I asked my daughter how she felt about it an she says she really never pays attention to other team or what they are doing.
  10. I found the arena quite impressive an enjoyed my experience there last night. The only thing I would have liked to see is a score board with players numbers, points, & fouls but that's just personal preference. Also a little shout out to all the A schools fan bases last night. Well represented!
  11. Congrats to the Lady Stangs last night on winning their first round match up. Stay focused and take it one game at a time. Good luck ladies!
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