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  1. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and grew up with episodes 4-6 so those will always be my favorites. I like them all but there are characters/scenes that I not dislike in some of the movies. My hot take, Rogue One is one of the best Star Wars films not 4-6.
  2. The first half will be played in full no matter the score line. Once the winning team reaches a 10 goal lead the game is over in the second half (if the second half is necessary).
  3. Braveheart Star Wars (4,5,6) The Hangover The Good The Bad & The Ugly Pulp Fiction
  4. This happens to me on my work computer (shhhh) just about every time but never on my phone.
  5. My daughter plays varsity basketball and there have been at least a half dozen teams that stand in this particular formation when they are announced an I have never felt it was for intimidation purposes. I feel like its more of showing respect to your opponent. I asked my daughter how she felt about it an she says she really never pays attention to other team or what they are doing.
  6. I found the arena quite impressive an enjoyed my experience there last night. The only thing I would have liked to see is a score board with players numbers, points, & fouls but that's just personal preference. Also a little shout out to all the A schools fan bases last night. Well represented!
  7. Congrats to the Lady Stangs last night on winning their first round match up. Stay focused and take it one game at a time. Good luck ladies!
  8. That was a fun game to listen too I could only imagine how fun it was to watch.
  9. The Lady Stangs get the win Saturday evening on Senior night in Alexandria. We recognized our lone Senior Lily Cropenbaker who back on Dec. 28 sustained a season ending knee injury. Her presence on the court has been missed greatly by her teammates but also to us fans. I’ve watched her play since grade school and each year she has improved her skills on both ends of the court. Her last two years she became the sharp shooter that could knock them down from anywhere on the court. Lily is a special young lady that comes from a great family. Thanks to Western Hills for allowing Lily to take the court one last time and scoring her last varsity points as a Lady Stang. One regular season game left til districts so let’s keep it rolling ladies!
  10. The Lady Stangs won the battle of the Campbell co. catholics tonight in Alexandria. After the first half in which Brossart pretty much controlled the game they went into the locker room with a 10 point lead. When the third quarter started the lady Breds were a team on a mission and took a 1 point lead into the the final quarter. The Lady Stangs would take the lead back on an 1 along with hitting their free throws down the stretch for the final score. Now on to senior tomorrow evening.
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