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Midnight Snack


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Dang!...You killed the dip.


Just guessing... were they hummus and ? (I can't make out the other)...


Both hummus, one garlic and one spicy something.


And those are some are some gluten free vanilla chex on the plate.

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If it has a crunch and is salty, I turn into an unconscious freak and then pay for it big time in the middle of the night with severe heartburn.


No matter how many times this happens it's funny that while I'm snacking the inevitable never occurs to me.


At the grocery store I convince myself that it's better value to buy the economy size of whatever snack I'm going to get, and also tell myself that I will make it last.


Last 'til when?


Till I fall asleep from a coma after having killed the entire contents no matter how many ounces.


I'm not finished until the container is completely empty.


Even if I stop myself half way through a box or a bag and say, "see... I can control myself, can't I?", ...then 20 minutes later I'm back at it because I swear that I can hear the snack calling me from the kitchen pleading me to finish the job.


Snacks are the devil.

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