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West Carter 49 Morgan County 47

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Final.. Major upset. Jones finishes with 27 for the Comets. Can't wait to hear everyone elses opinion on this game. One question though, Why did he not give someone else a shot at guarding Jones in the 4th quarter? Adkins gave it his best shot, but I thought he wore down towards the end.

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I believe Cubster accurately predicted that even though they had previously lost 9 of the last 11 that West Carter could be dangerous on any given night.

You are correct Goliath... :thumb:


Originally Posted by Cubster

16th Region Final Regular Season Poll 2/25/06


1. Morgan-Clinches Cubster's mythical title

2. Blazer-Hottest team in region

3. Boyd-Owens show heads to postseason

4. Russell-Vanhoose best shooter region has seen in years

5. Fairview-Three straight tough losses can be erased Wednesday night

6. Elliott-Where's the D?

7. Greenup-Could be the region sleeper

8. Rowan-Another tough postseason out

9. East-Baker will have Raiders ready for district

10.West-Lost 9 of 11 but still can be dangerous for one night

11.Raceland-Rough finish but will be ready Tuesday

12.Rose Hill-Cubster's team to watch in 2006-07

13.Lewis-Closed with 3 wins down the stretch

14.Fleming-District host could spring an upset

15.Menifee-Might be in Morehead with bullseye on chest at the draw

16.Bath-Same as Menifee


Barring some upsets that COULD happen 7 of top 8 could be in Morehead. What a head spinning year in 16th region hoops.

Well, here's a BIG upset on the first night...Looks like West recaptured a little of the magic they had in the first game of the AIT...


All Hail the Great & Mighty Cubster!!!!

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