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  1. So Greenup County has the D-1 QB and Russell has 3 TD passes in first half. Wouldn’t have guessed that.
  2. That's also when they put 40 minutes on the clock, so gametime about 9:43
  3. Geez, C'mon guys. I think his head is quite big enough!!! How hard is it, throw a yellow hankie and say holding (pick a number in the 70s), oops that guy moved to soon, illegal procedure on the big team.
  4. When you have experience in the state semi-finals from last year and are 24-0 during this season, yeah, you gotta give some credit, and they have played some good teams such as Beechwood along the way. Another piece that needs to be mentioned is Head Coach Greg Logan and his staff. They do a tremendous job every year with this team.
  5. 1). I'm as good as anybody at yelling at the refs. But to get that personal is classless. 2). The second flag was actually called on a player.
  6. Thanks Prep. I'm aware of the format since I grew up there and still own a house there. That's what I was talking about in Region 4. Someone said they though 1-4 in Belfry's district would sweep. But it didn't. I figure some 3's from a district can beat the 2's of another district, but I doubt many 4s beat 1s like you said. I really say do away with the first round. Back in the 80's (God I'm old), the district championship was determined within the season. For us it always came down between Russell and Belfry (I went to Russell). But the truth of this whole conversation comes down to dollars. They will claim it gives schools an opportunity to play a playoff game and maybe upset the other school, but let's be real, it's about the money generated by the extra week.
  7. Here's a question in line with this topic without talking about point differential. How many if any, #3 or #4 seeds won games on Friday? For that matter, in the last 10 years, how many #3 or #4 seeds have won. I saw in another thread where someone predicted a district sweep in 3A, district 6 I think (The one with Belfry) It didn't happen.
  8. So what are the scenarios in District 5 of Region 3? Estill, Garrad and Bourbon are all 7-2 and are are 1 loss in District. What are the tie breakers this deep?
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