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  1. Elliott just made the plays down the stretch to win. Way too many turnovers for the Tomcats. Should be a good one if they meet up again.
  2. Scooterbob is entitled to his opinion. He has definitely earned the right to voice his opinion on matters that concern RH. He without a doubt wants nothing but the best for RH. His ideas of whats best for RH may be different from others, but that in no way makes them wrong.
  3. Yep, you'd know. Wait, do you mean playing for your third different high school, or third place? Im confused....
  4. Seeding allows the kids on the floor to decide who they play in the post season, and that is how it should be.
  5. Heard Sparks had 29 for Raceland. Ashland should have a MAJOR advantage inside.
  6. Yeah, its bad news for us that he got 25 on Raceland. :scared: :lol:
  7. I didnt listen to the entire post game interview, but I listened to most of it. I did NOT hear him say that.
  8. It was a draw, ya know like picking names out of a hat.
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