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  1. Boyd is going to play the run and gun no matter what. Wooten is trying to rebuild and play with what little talent he has. Besides, I always thought it was the defenses job to control the score.
  2. Messer doesn't fit in this system. It will be interesting to see what happens once football is over.
  3. Elliott Co will light it up because I'm pretty sure BC will play the run & gun no matter who they play. They really don't have a choice.
  4. Not really sure if it will even matter who the starting 5 are. Looks like Wooten will shuttling players in and out.
  5. After watching the Red/White game, Wooten is playing an exiciting form of basketball that quite frankly isn't suited for all players. But you can see that he is getting everything he can out of what he has got.
  6. They make up for the lack of talent with hustle. This team may not win alot of games, but they will be fun to watch. It will be interesting to see other teams keeping up with the pace BC will be playing.
  7. Unfortunately it may take several years to fix the problems at BC. It should be a sign when you have had hardly any applicants for the open coaching positions in all 3 major sports.
  8. Too many legal problems for that to happen, but they were tremendous players
  9. Amen!!!!!!! Well said Tiny. This is as far down as I can remember BC sports being.
  10. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Would you be so upset if it were a different freshman. Just maybe Wooten is trying to develop some younger talent, because he knows this will be a long season since he has very little returning talent.
  11. Its not an organized scrimmage. It is an open gym and anyone can play, but it is usually just current and former players.
  12. WOW!!!!! Thought Ashland would win but not this big
  13. The game between St X and Lafayette in 88 was a great game to watch. Dorough and Byrd were tough. Unfortunately, I also got to witness the championship game the next day on the field, since I played for BC. Dorough was def not the same pitcher as the day before, but he still had a heck of a curveball. Even still, I got 2 hits off him that game. From what I hear, his arm was never the same after that, and thats a shame.
  14. Down, Down, Down as bad as I hate to say it.
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