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Requiem for the Big East


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Thought the documentary was great. I wish they'd had the time to do a Ken Burns-length documentary on the entire history of the league. So many interesting stories to tell. Basically didn't cover anything between 1986 and 2011 and still didn't have enough time.


The ACC is going to be fun, but it's not the same. I was SO EXCITED when Louisville got the invite to the Big East. Lots of urban schools with similar interests in mind. Wish we could have stayed forever.

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Good show. Good insight, good memories. I really liked it.


BTW whatever happened to Michael Graham? Did he play four years at Georgetown? I know the Hoyas got a bad rap to an extent during the 80's, but that dude was a Thug. #hockeygoon.


Ed Pickney gave great perspective, loved him on the show. Mullen was really good as well. John Thompson was really good. He's gonna tell ya what he thinks.


Boeheim was awesome too. I hated this guy during the 80's, as I thought he was a "whiner". The more I've watched his teams, and listened to what he says over the years the more and more I like him. I think he's probably a totally different guy than the one I thought he was when I was a kid.

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