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It's Convention Time!


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There are reports of rioting downtown.


A friend, working in the Verizon Building, witnessed a group of protestors, dressed in black with gas masks on, tearing up the concrete and metal benches along the street and throwing debris through store fronts.




Don't know what they were protesting. The odd part is that the Verizon Building is 10 or 12 blocks from the Convention Center. Further from the Forum.

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Hurricanes, rioting, offshore accounts, ripping off old folks social security:idunno: sounds like normal Repub Convention


Just curious, why in the hell to you keep harping on this???? :idunno:


Why does it bother you that he puts his HARD, EARNED money in said accounts? It's his he can do what he wants with it.


I don't hear you getting on the Kennedy's who have Trust Funds set up in financial institutions in more than handful of the Pacific island nations. :sssh:

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The ole used car salesman is running for President. He, in my opinion, is the biggest shady character since Dick Nixon. If you have nothing to hide lets see the tax returns, tell us what you have in offshore accounts and then let the American Voters decide if thats the man they want to represent their interests and feel their pain. A lot of that "hard earned" moola was earned outsourcing jobs to non Americans thru the fabulous BAIN Capital. Give me a break. :puke:

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