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  1. Isaiah Briscoe is in that younger generation. Only 12 when Wooden passed away, he knows the name for other reasons. “I know they have a Wooden Award, right? Is that him?” Briscoe was honest with reporters after last night’s game, “OK, well I don’t know nothing else about him. Just a different generation.”
  2. I will be in attendance, I was also in attendance at the 2011 Final Four in Houston and the 1998 title game against Arizona. Read into that what you wish.
  3. Matt Jones acted nothing like this when Damian Harris committed to Alabama
  4. Not really. It was between 13-20 most of the game.
  5. With Diallo now legally fighting with the NCAA it seems like Cal has a unique ability to miss out on the right guys. Mudiay, Diallo, Mohammed, etc.
  6. Not shocked in the least. North Carolina kid who has invited K to his birthday parties. The multiple ACL injuries is really sad. I hope he recovers and goes onto to have a long and lucrative career.
  7. I really don't know what a "mother battles in the states" is.
  8. For every school. Ohio St and Alabama football come to mind.
  9. Hey everybody needs to get off their high horses. Go to UofL or Duke message boards and you can identify many idiots. Case in point the guy who got a tattoo of Rick Pitino's face the other day, on his forearm. I can see wanting to play for Duke, Kansas, UNC, heck even Florida under Billy Donovan. The state of North Carolina is producing a lot of high level players right now.
  10. That's the smart money from all you hear but I don't think he was going to Wake when he originally set the location. Just grasping at straws
  11. Interesting. He meet with Cal and then moved the date and location of his announcement. I wouldn't dare try and figure out what an 18 year old is thinking but it can't be a negative for UK.
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