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  1. I think you're going to need a bigger spoon.
  2. I'm more faithful to my ProV's than I am to my wife (just kidding honey...maybe)
  3. Scooter is newcomer of the year. Votto is the MVP.
  4. I've seen some of the comments from a players' mom on FB....sounded a lot like those of a former NFL WR's book...."Throw me the ball."
  5. Football is just better when the U is the U.
  6. Wanna get rich? Win a split the pot at an Elder game. Those people are crazy.
  7. If there is a better 1A team in this state, I'd like to see them. That's a darn good football team, regardless of class. As always, Coach Rash is first class. Good luck to the Tigers for the remainder of the season!
  8. Play is bad, my team stinks, looking for another way to spend my Sundays. These protests will be just enough to do so.
  9. The only fitting thing would be a 0-0 tie, eventually leading to the Chargers getting the #1 draft pick. The Bengals can't even tank right. They at least have tried to win games over the last few seasons, unlike the Browns.
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