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Beechwood Vs LCA

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Beechwood will be fine. I know this is probably the biggest home game in their history. The Tigers will bring some fans as well. I'm not predicting a win or anything like that because I'm never right. One thing I will think will happen is that Beechwood will come to play. If this happens they win the game.

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The school and field are right down the street from the KBA correct?

:thumb: That would be correct..Over behind the Shopping Center.


As far as this game goes I believe LCA will cause some problems early possibly with the type of offense they run. I see LCA hanging for a qtr maybe even keeping it close until halftime but after Yeagle and his guys make some halftime adjustments and give the boys a butt chewing I think the Tigers win

somewhere in the neighborhood of 41-21..

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It appears to be advantage to Beechwood on this one because:

1. Experience in Playoffs

2. Storied program

3. LCA beat Fairview 28-14 where Beechwood beat Fairview 55-13

4. LCA beat HC 55-13 and Beechwood beat HC 35-3 (this is adv:LCA)


Should be a great game because LCA has motivated Seniors...


It will ALL depened upon the turnovers in this one!

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Wasnt LCA losing to Holy Cross at half time? The Beechwood vs HC game was never in question was it?

"Things you say incorrectly." :laugh:


See the LCA/Holy Cross thread.





-55---14---Final Score



*Yes, I know you were asking, not stating! :D

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I think LCA wins, I've been impressed with them after they came to CAL and rolled right by us, 28-6. While i know Beechwood is good, LCA has so many weapons, as long as they stay healthy, they stay in the playoffs.



I haven't seen LCA play since last year but I think if Beechwood plays their game they win.

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Rumor has it that Coach Rains has some offense that no one has seen since last year. Mooo.......



If you are referring to all the trick formations and plays and things like the Lonesome Polecat then rest easy because Beechwood and other NKY teams were ready for them last year. They are not too secret when you have an article written in the newspaper about them.


Somewhere along the way if you want to beat Beechwood you are going to have to lineup and be able to run it or throw it without trickeration. ;)

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