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  1. They beat X. X tied St. Ignatius at their place. On top of that, they have an All American forward and multiple members of one of the best club teams in the country. They deserve it.
  2. Please stop playing #27 in man if you aren’t putting a safety over top. He is the worst cover corner in the league.
  3. Highlands snaps a 3 game winless streak with a one to nil win over the Lancers. Senior Keegan Brewer taps in his first Varsity goal for the winner. Truly smart play by a truly smart player. Everyone counts Keegan out at the beginning of every year that I have watched him. By the end of every year, he can’t be taken off of the field due to his value. Congrats, Keegan. Side note: The new offsides interpretation remains the dumbest rule in sports.
  4. It sounds like a great game. Trinity may have done enough to take over #1 in the Maher rankings.
  5. I get it, but this was pretty dominant. Highlands missed about 12 shots in the second half. They actually worked the ball much better this game, albeit in spurts. I hope that they get the“dribble through midfield” mindset out of their system completely over the next couple of weeks. They are much more efficient with quick passing into the final third. Brossart certainly had their chances in counter situations. They have a great shot at taking the 10th. Duffy is a load and pretty skilled.
  6. That is a small sample size. I think that his entire track record is a better body of evidence.
  7. If you include NewCath there were 7 or 8 other ones on really good teams.
  8. Exactly, so if you want to kill a game, have your player basically cherry pick not move towards the ball until the very last minute and then make a play. The kick takes place where he becomes involved, not where the defensive line was held. It's basically icing the puck.
  9. Going after his dream. Good for him. He must be playing with Moulainne Goumbalai (no chance I spelled that correctly) fro KHA. He has been there for 3 years now. It is an awesome opportunity for sure. I hope he makes it. It would be nice to follow a Ketntucky kid.
  10. I can’t agree with that. Stuff happens, especially when your team struggles. The issue is A. Swinging a helmet is WAY outside of the lines. EVERY player knows that. If it happened, then that player needs to be gone. B. Disrespect bn different programs under the same roof. A fight in practice is common and not a big deal. How the fight is squashed is key.
  11. He looked awesome Friday night. Extremely decisive on what he saw and let it rip.
  12. Huddleston tackled one of the RBs and it looked like his cleat got caught as they rolled. I hope that he is ok. He was a hard runner
  13. He is driving from ETown to Columbus 3xs a week? Wow.
  14. Wednesday??? Dang. Boys are off Saturday. We wanted to see them play. I hoped that it was a Saturday game.
  15. Highlands won on Friday and then yesterday against Ryle.
  16. Birds take their first “L” of the season. It was the second game in a row on a tight grass field. After going down a goal on a corner 3 minutes in, Highlands started moving the ball a lot better towards the end of the first half and again midway through the 2nd. The boys are as athletic or more athletic than every team that they play. They have struggled breaking down teams through possession, especially on smaller fields. Today there was improvement there which was a big positive. Driving 2 hours to play on of the top teams in Indiana and being a saved penalty away from a tie, not too bad. Let me say that the new offsides interpretation is the DUMBEST rule in history.
  17. They, by Kremer buying time in the pocket, hit on a 30 yard pass in the 1st quarter in the Middle 1/3rd of the middle 1/3rd. They ran a post in the 2nd quarter that was open and had big play potential, but just a little under thrown and well played by the corner. That was it. SK's linebackers looked like run stuffers, not the guy you want covering slots over and over on drag routes and other crossing patterns. It was a weird passing scheme.
  18. First game of the year for me, So help me. Has the offense limited itself to outside of the hashmarks all season in the passing game or did they see something tonight in prep for SK?
  19. Highlands fights back twice to tie a very tough game. East Central used the home field advantage and pressed all game on the small field. Tough kids with a good coach. I was very proud of the Birds. Both goals were goals that were from unfortunate mistakes, but they didn’t let it sink them. They showed grit. Goals by Porter Hedenberg off of a great individual run to the end line and on another great free kick by Mikey Penrod. That’s two games in a row for Penrod with a free kick goal.
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