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  1. Game moved to next Wednesday due to bingo on Thursday night!!! Who wins this one??
  2. Will they be playing the newly formed HHS teams before the end of season??? I think all the kids and parents would love to see that. Since the high school teams will be playing each other next year. I’m sure people can make that happen
  3. Let’s remember this is what all the NCC people asked for when they ran there old coach off. But next year they will single A and maybe compete a little more.
  4. The scoreless streak finally ended late in the 4th Qrt. So did Hollingsworth streak of no turner overs. Threw his first int yesterday.
  5. I said it earlier and I will say it again. Hunter A. and Nate R and the rest of the receivers are becoming what we know they would be. Grady keeps getting better and better every week. He dropped some dimes tonight that the receivers brought in over there shoulders. If it was a battle of QBs tonight Grady wins that one hands down. Nice team win tonight Birds.
  6. Birds score again 44-20 Hudi took ball from rec and ran it 40 yards for the TD
  7. I said it earlier and I will say it again. Hunter A. and Nate R and the rest of the receivers are becoming what we know they would be. Birds score again 37-20 with 6 min left In the 4th
  8. 3-1 Pretty good start to the season. Also let’s remember if we don’t drop a pass that SC game is a different game.
  9. Wake up!! Hudy is not going to beat you deep. But the likes of Ahdield and Vinson now they will. You started to see it last week when the receivers where open down field and scored. Crammer throwing nice balls and the receivers are catching them. Dont get me wrong Hudi is a nice ball player but the birds will continue to move the ball and win with or without on offense.
  10. Hudi is very nice ball player but it’s not the end of HHS if he doesn’t get in the offenseive side of the ball. Does anyone realize Cooper averaged 8.5 yards a carry last week and Buten averaged 8.0 yards a carry. If all these smart people remember it was on offense he broke his collarbone last year. Austin King and Ben Sisson have been doing a great job at tight end. Great hands and nice blockers. Come on let’s get real. If our defense keeps holding teams like they have let’s not rock the boat.
  11. The ball was thrown around to a lot of different receivers yesterday. 3 different wide outs scored. Hollingsworth and Brunne both had rushing TDS.
  12. How did they play baseball in this weather??
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