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  1. To back what @futurecoach has said, you're going to have complaining with every team.. And predictability also comes with every team. When you're an offensive coach, you're going to add new plays on a weekly basis but you're going to have 8-10 plays that are your bread and butter plays. These are plays that you can run from multiple formations to get different looks, but at the end of the day its the same exact play. I know from my days of coaching, every single team we prepped for we could identify their 10 best plays, rep those, and be prepared for the game. When we were coaching, if the team came out in certain formations in certain situations, you knew exactly what play they were going to run. It's called tendencies for a reason. As for the coaches not wanting to coach anymore, Futurecoach is completely right. At some point, the complaining and bickering by parents gets you to a point where you're just done and the enjoyment of coaching isn't worth the additional stresses that are caused. Remember that these high school coaches are essentially getting paid pennies on the dollar to spend an extra 20 hours a week away from their families to help your child. Obviously not calling anyone in particular out.. just stating things that I observed during my brief career.
  2. The Freshman/JV team look strong as well. Good to see the pipeline full for Cooper!
  3. I think CovCath will be able to name the score. I'm saying 56-7, CovCath.
  4. If you’re a coach you’d also know that going to message boards bashing another coach is typically frowned upon...
  5. Hmmm I’m not sure. I know a couple of my good friends are still on staff but as far as new additions, I’m in the dark!
  6. Congrats to Coach Borchers, his staff, and the players!
  7. Not a pretty game so far. Walton and Lloyd have both struggled to move the ball minus a few big plays. If Lloyd keeps feeding their RB, they are going to end up pulling away. #10 for Lloyd is a monster at WR. Went up and high pointed a ball over two WV defenders on a fake screen.
  8. Ryan Freel for me. I used to work for the Reds as a runner and we'd be down in the player tunnels a lot moving things around. Freel was always really down to earth and would enjoy talking to us as we were all high school aged kids who loved baseball. Ken Griffey Jr on the other hand wanted nothing to do with talking to us.. which I always understood to a point. He was there to do a job and not deal with a bunch of minimum wage high school kids.
  9. I'd say at this point we all want him to succeed at getting himself healthy before anything else. His health is far more important than any potential NFL opportunities.
  10. People I know that were close to the Pike family called this behavior when he was in high school. Allegedly, he was never told no and because of that a lot of people could see this coming. It's a shame too because he really was/is a great human. Just made some mistakes he is trying to get over now.
  11. Bingo. Unchecked Good ole boy clubs can be detrimental to a team.
  12. They do that even if the coaches are putting in work! :idunno:
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