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  1. Free throws cost Franklin-Simpson. 9 for 22 from the charity stripe. Great game though.
  2. Reed misses the free throw. K. Cook misses the shot. Final 58 Butler 57 Franklin-Simpson
  3. Free throw no good. F-S is 9 for 22 from the free line tonight. Reed fouled. To the line for a one and one. 3 seconds to go in the game.
  4. Reed fouled by D. Gooch (her 2nd). To the line for a one and one. Reed makes the first shot and the second shot. 58 Butler 55 F-S K. Gooch fouled. Gets the basket and to the line for one shot.
  5. Timeout by Butler 25.9 seconds left in the game. Butler's ball after the time out.
  6. D. Gooch with the basket 54 Butler 53 F-S Pile with the basket. 56 Butler 53 F-S D. Gooch with the basket and the foul by Hopper. Free throw no good. 56 Butler 55 F-S 55 seconds to go.
  7. Reed fouled by Brown (her first, team 5th). D. Gooch called for the foul (team 6th). Cureton with the basket and the foul by K. Cook (her third). Cureton to shoot one. Free throw no good. 54 Butler 51 F-S 1:55 to go in the game.
  8. Cureton with a basket. 52 Butler 48 F-S D. Gooch with a three point basket. Her first basket of the night. 52 Butler 51 F-S K. Cook called for a charge on Reed. Media timeout.
  9. Wheat with the steal and lay in. 50 Butler 46 F-S C. Gooch with a basket. 50 Butler 48 F-S
  10. D. Cook misses the front end of a one and one. Gooch takes the charge. Foul on Pile (her 3rd). F-S is 7-18 from the foul line. K. Cook to the line for a one and one. K. Cook makes the first and the second. Tied at 46.
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