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  1. An Honor to play for and know him. He made every former player a better man and prepared you for life, academics and baseball. His suffering is over and rest in peace Coach.
  2. A new Coach is in place and scheduling games.
  3. Very good young man and talented Baseball player.
  4. Yes and like westsider stated, has players from those areas. Morse is first class, both on and off the field.
  5. Paducah, Shelbyville and Danville, are solid teams. I wouldn't be surprised if Danville emerges from the bottom bracket, as they have depth. Will Lady throw for Shelbyville against Paducah? Been some impressive talent in this field.
  6. The kid pitching the 8th/9th for Ashland, also threw 7 innings Sunday.
  7. Metcalfe County defeated Danville, along with Shelbyville defeating Owensboro. Paducah advanced without playing. Ashland vs Shelbyville and Metcalfe County vs Paducah, in winners bracket.
  8. Ashland defeats Lyon County 5-4. Peyton Martin and Jeremy Barr, hit HR's. Ryan Workman pitched. Play the winner of Shelbyville vs Owensboro, at 4:30pm Wednesday.
  9. Championship game of District #3. Ashland advances to State Tournament, being held in Paducah, KY.
  10. Regional first Round game at Rowan County City Park.
  11. One of my all time favorites. I really enjoyed his stories, presented in that eloquent tone that only Paul Harvey had. Hopefully someday, his stories will be available to purchase.
  12. Thanks and it seemed to me, to be a lot of contact and some very close guarding, but not a lot of fouls. One of those let them play games and was even both sides. The low number of FT's, does surprise me. There were a lot of individual moves and shot creations in this game. Huge difference from behind the arc.
  13. What was the FT miss/make for both?
  14. I thought UK was in better defensive position for rebounds, than LSU all night. I'm very surprised with the 7 offensive rebound totals. What about 2nd chance points, which team had the most or is it indicated.
  15. You complained Galloway allowed this and that. I pointed out without Galloway in the 2nd half, there would be nothing close to game for UK to have a chance. The final seconds of a game, are just that. The entire 40 minutes is where the game is either determined to be in favor of one or the other. My initial comment was Galloway played very well and you replied, but allowed the last shot at the end. From what I saw, no weakside help or switching occurred at all in the second half. Dwell on Galloway all you want but UK is a team, without a defensive scheme and the inability to help off the ball.
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