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  1. Matt Jones tweeted earlier that Oriakhi talked to Noel about playing at UK together
  2. I love the Duke and UNC fans chiming in on UK not playing where they should when every year at least one of them play in NC. If they are the overall #1, they should play closest to home...period. No matter how well they travel.
  3. Why would UK not get the 1 seed in the south?
  4. Not taking anything away from UL but UC had a tough way to go and beat (I think) the 2 best teams in the BE. They just ran out of gas. Congrats to UL. Here is to 4 conf champs from the bluegrass.
  5. Well that's a bummer. I know how those early morning wake-up calls can be.
  6. Someone needs to keep an eye on GT tonight. I am concerned for his liver. :popcorn: Huge win for UC.
  7. Well they are officially out of the Manning sweepstakes if they weren't already. If it involves giving up way to much for a player, nothing surprises me with the Skins.
  8. Teague went back to his old self. He HAS to play better for them to win it all.
  9. I think he goes to Washington, but I would like to see him go to Miami.
  10. That's gotta be the worst record in the tourney so far I would imagine.
  11. Teague just needs to keep playing like he has been.
  12. I love this move. Chad and TO will give Carson a lot of options. They got him on the cheap....I am all for it.
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