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  1. While very few are probably aware, Western HS has an excellent drumline... definately adds a lot to the atmosphere.
  2. Best of luck to this coach, don't know much about him but he will definately have a different setting at Western, off Dixie Highway, than in Rowan Co. He has some athletes to juggle around, some STUD running backs. The only problem he has to deal with physically is depth and an offensive/defensive line. Discipline will be a factor that needs to be established. I have the utmost respect for the warriors after playing against them and scouting them this year as a senior at Christian Academy. I hope the best for Western and the entire coaching staff.
  3. I know that Holy Cross has continually lost great players. I played for Christian Academy(CAL) the past four years and met Holy Cross each year, so I'm pretty familiar with them. 2 years ago they lost Titus and Booker, along with some big lineman like Nail. This last year i know they are loosing McDermot, a monster of a linebacker. In my opinion after persoanlly playing him this year, he should have made the 1st team all state. I was under the impression that they won't be loosing too many seniors. Their biggest foe recently has been Bardstown. Anyone familiar with the cougars knows that they have had three straight HEART-BREAKERS to Danville. I wouldnt worry about their district, just Danville. But i must say, their district is "argueably" the toughest 1A district, but the major hump lies in the regional championship.
  4. Definately a great season, very deserving coach.
  5. NOHS has had their fair share of head coaches, that program needs stability, but it is definately true that there is support and money in Goshen for the mustangs, they just need to hit the weights and get more guys in pads.
  6. This past year had good match-ups, Holy Cross/Doss and Eastern/Boyle, but my personal favorite was watching Western beat Harrison Co. in a thriller.
  7. I get the impression that atheletes focus on the hardwood before the gridiron... this is totally up to the guys in the school, obviously their attendance gives them the AAA classification, and that means there are enough boys to play, guys just aren't coming out. It will take a good core group of dedicated hard workers to go from 9-12 to give them some type of foundation. I'd be willing to assume lots of guys dont want to joing a team who shows up every friday night just to get stomped, tough situation.
  8. Christian Academy of Louisville beat Western, only team to beat the Warriors in the districts, before the playoffs.
  9. I really hope the best for Bourbon Co... they have had a long streak of tough years, it'd be great to see a motivated and competative coach take the reigns.
  10. Pretty impressive, Nelson Co is definately not a thriving athletic program... sounds to me that this coach was well liked, definately not a great situation for the students or school.
  11. GusMcRae, I assume your talking about this year, and if my memory serves me correctly they didn't run a base "wing-t"... while it was a while ago, I remember them running a mixture of formations because I was impressed by their offensive play calling... and i played defensive end THIS year. That game our linebackers and lineman got eaten alive by quick strong good offensive lineman blockers, add a VERY talented running back and 2 dependable recievers and a smart atheletic qb, and theres your reason why we had trouble stopping LCA. We were still working the kinks out of the linebacker possition, a new coaching staff mixed things up a bit at the time, for example, I had started linebacker since soph yr, and this year I was moved to defensive end, new players at new possitions... the tough week before, vs. Holy Cross hurt us with injuries, especially our stud tight end/defensive tackle, but I'm not trying to make excuses, LCA was VERY good this year, but they definately don't just run a wing-t like bardstown bethlehem.
  12. Burke is very impressive but Micah Johnson put up some pretty impressive numbers and he is the most coveted recruit coming out of KY... He's been reported as high as #8 on a list of top recruits nationwide.
  13. In my opinion, this should be the best game of the bunch... I'm going to root for/pick Bowling Green in this one. Hopefully I'll be at Papa Johns saturday wo watch this matchup.
  14. My question is, isn't this just going to give the schools that are private (right now in the finals) a state trophy every year??? They really don't have much competition, to win the state title in almost every class, it is decided by ONE game... to win the state with public and private combined takes 5 weeks, compared to 1, at the most 2.
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