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  1. Trinity takes knee to end half. Beatty upset that receivers dropping passes. 27-7 at half
  2. Trinity takes ball to Trinity 36. Dawkins takes screen pass to PRP 44. Swabeck drops pass. Trinity has it 4th and 8 with 1 minute left. Incomplete pass. PRP gets ball at PRP 44 with one minute left. Complete pass to Trinity 43. Sumter sacked to PRP 48. 30 seconds left Taylor run to Trinity 38. Completion to Trinity 31 with 18 seconds left. Pass to Taylor to Trinity 26. $th down pass incomplete
  3. Trinity squib kick to PRP 30. PRP goes for one yard on 4th down. Long pass by Sumter to Trinity 12. Then Sumter for loss of 2 to Trinty 14. Pass to Quisenberry for TD. Kick is good Now 27-7 with two minutes left
  4. Trinity gets ball at Trinity 1. Dawkins get first down and runs from Trinity 5 to Trinity 34 Wright pass to Kazunis to PRP 13. Pass to Swabeck to PRP 7.
  5. PRP gets ball at PRP 36. Sumter has two incompletes. PRP punts to Trinity 1 yard line.
  6. Dawkins to endsone. No flags. Kick was good. Now 20-0 with 9 minutes left in half
  7. On first play Quick got pass for TD but holding penalty. Trinity has it first and 7 at PRP 19. Ryan White playing receiver. TD Trinity from Wright to Swabeck was called back for illegal receiver. Dawkins runs from PRP 24 to PRP 2. Trinity takes TO on 2 yard line with 9 minutes left in half.
  8. Quick is now playing. White made interception at Trinity 45. Dawkins ran to PRP 19. Pass tp Dawkins to PRP 8. 10 minutes left in half. Wildcat formation to Dawkins to TD. Kick good. 13-0
  9. Rocks get ball at PRP 38. Long run by Dawkins. Rocks score but kick misses 6-0
  10. I think that about 98% of Kentucky high school football fans are pulling for PRP. They are sick of Trinity or X winnig every year. I included X fans in that 98%. But Highlands, and Bowling Green seem to be winnning every year. Central seems to winning regularly. So it is probably better if PRP wins. However, Trinity is not running a mental health clinic. GO ROCKS
  11. This will be close game. I think PRP will win 28-21. PRP's offense is better than St X or Scott County. Trinity's offense has not jelled in two weeks and there is no guarantee that Quick will return. PRP has the psychological advantage to win the State. It is hard for Beatty to keep Trinity up psychologiclly. Just kidding. Trinity wins 35-21.
  12. Glad to see Eastern get this far in tournament. I hope Eastern wins so Trinity can crush them in finals.
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