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  1. Meh...the late 80's and early 90's were a blur to me.:idunno:
  2. If I told you that i'd have to kill you! :lol2: I'm showing my age, but the specific records of a few teams I follow made it a dead give away to me.
  3. 2019 Glasgow OL Tanner Bowles has offers from every SEC school along with many others and is an Alabama committ. Kentucky usually has 1-2 players a year that are national recruits.
  4. I am suspect about a 6-7 Hopkinsville team that lost all their skill players other than their QB on offense and 7-8 starters on defense. Logan returns quite a bit, but will have to show it was more than just catching lightning in a bottle 1 year. Other than Franklin Simpson, I think Madisonville is the most talented team in region 1. But they have to avoid the injuries they sustained last year.
  5. Howard hired as Greenwood Football Coach
  6. I thought football was a dying sport and nobody wanted to play (cynicism)? Those same AD's love the football gate money to support the rest of their athletic departments.
  7. From a talent standpoint, South Warren will be taking a dip after 2018. Hence the reason smith may have an interest. South Warren is just Warren Central 2.0. SW is just a year removed from being beaten twice in the same year by Franklin while having 3 D1 players on their team.
  8. Seeding ..... code word for neutral site semi-final for KHSAA to get gate money.
  9. Yes. And he played at Central Michigan. It’s not about what school you play. If you can play, the NFL knows about you. One of the top receivers for the first place Jacksonville Jaguars played at Kentucky Wesleyan. Where is James Quick playing?
  10. Moore is very fast. But the fact is he is 5’9. Not a lot of 5’9 receivers in the nfl. If it is Purdue, it’s hard to argue the numbers offensive skill players have put up in Brohm offense the past 4 years and the players that have been drafted into the NFL on his watch.
  11. A good natural grass surface. Although good, looks like BG will have between 4-7 inches of rain Thursday and Friday.
  12. Who replaces Sherrill, if Tim Riley stays at OC?
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