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  1. FS would have given the mighty purpled a run for their money the last three years and probably would have beaten them two out of three of those. Most of those Franklin people are South Warren fans anyway. SW is the NEW BG in 5A. All the good players want to go to SW. #idunno
  2. FS in another blowout! Hopefully the starters are out after the first qtr. and no one gets hurt. Running clock by the 2nd qtr
  3. Throwing the ball will be the only way WE stays in it, but to be accurate in your passing game, you have to have a little time. Goodnight, Preston and crew will wreak havoc Friday night. Running clock by halftime. McKinney and company will run wild. Just being real.
  4. FS with a running clock by halftime. WE is known for their run game and not their passing. FS run defense got a huge shot in the arm with the return of Traevon Goodnight. Preston already had improved these guys, but with Goodnight he drastically improves them. I don’t think this FS team is better than last year. 2017 Cats were deep in every position but a couple of key injuries and this team goes down quickly. IMO... FS will finish the rest of the season with running clocks and will win back to back State championships if they remain injury free.
  5. Running clocks by halftime for the rest of the year. Run defense will hold Maxey and the passing game is coming alive. I'm not being arrogant just honest. There is no one on this side of the state that will keep them from Lexington.
  6. I’m not trying to be arrogant or overly optimistic, but FS will stop the run of WE. Preston is known for his run defense and his defense as a whole just keep getting stronger as the year goes on. FS’s Offense speaks for itself. They are slowly but Surely getting the passing game going and when they get that nailed down they will get another ring in December.
  7. None of the teams left of FS schedule can stop FS. The only reason I have reservation for the WE game not being a running clock is that they can score and FS is still is growing on the defensive side of the ball.
  8. I see everyone of their reamining games as running clocks with the exception of WE, but FS will beat them handily too. Preston will get his starters some good rest in each of these games and be ready for the state run.
  9. I rea,ly thought Hoptown to be better than they are. Disappointing.
  10. FS has no one on this side of the state to keep them from Lexington. They may very well go unbeaten the rest of the year all the way to Lexington.
  11. One of those games where the goal is being healthy at the end of the game.
  12. It could have been 70-0. SW started running the ball late in the 2nd, if they would have kept passing it would have been much worse. FS only scored after the first string D went out. That being said FS will only get better and will be there when all is said and done in the 4A. SW did them this way last year too and FS went on a 10 game win streak and won the 4A.
  13. I don’t it will be that big of a spread either. I was hoping it would get the Franklin boys that read the forum fired up to beat SW. FS can win, but it will take a flawless game to get it done. SW is a great TEAM(Offense and defense) FS is a good running OFFENSE right now with a decent defense that will improve through the year. Coach Preston will see to that.
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