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  1. Anyone know why there was a personal foul fest on ACS in the 2nd half? Took a very long time to sort out. Just wondering if anyone knew.
  2. First half was ALL Franklin-Simpson. The Wildcats went into halftime leading 34-7. However, kudos to Warren East for not backing down made it a 20 point game at one point, however, FS didn't allow that to last very long at all as on the ensuing kickoff, Stutzman returned it for a TD. If I remember correctly, FS forced 6 WE turnovers compared to 1 for FS. Overall, in a very wet game, FS showed why they continue to be king of district 2. On to Glasgow!!!
  3. Franklin-Simpson looked like it got some of its injured players back tonight. Warren Central didn't look terrible, however, its clear Franklin was just better. Good win! Time to focus on Warren East!
  4. Very sloppy game for both teams. A lot of turnovers, especially for Logan County. Even a few botched punts. Also, I don't think LC was prepared for Hopkinsvilles' physicality. Fun game for a Thursday night.
  5. Hats off to Greenwood, best I've seen them play in a long time. The Gators seemed ready for the challenge and from the first snap, you could tell FS would have to play a good game to win. This season could compare to 2017 with the "poor" start and really good finish. Lots of mental mistakes and you could tell some of the younger starters really struggled at times. It doesn't get easier with Meade County next week. Gators are gonna be a team to keep an eye on the rest of the season!
  6. I thought this might be closer, but then FS demolished apollo in their scrimmage this past friday. Apollo is probably on Greenwoods level up in 5A. Franklin should roll again 49-14
  7. Yeah, once I saw this, I looked into it and realized they go off Calpreps. Still interesting to look at.
  8. I saw this list on social media and thought that y'all should see it. 1. Christian Academy-Louisville 2. South Warren 3. Covington Catholic 4. Frederick Douglass 5. Male 6. Boyle County 7. Trinity 8. Franklin-Simpson 9. Scott County 10. Mayfield 11. Highlands 12. Butler 13. North Hardin 14. Johnson Central 15. Beechwood 16. Corbin 17. DeSales 18. St. Xavier 19. Pulaski County 20. Belfry 21. Ashland Blazer 22. Ballard 23. South Oldham 24. Bowling Green 25. Simon Kenton Here is a link to the rankings on Max Preps: Kentucky High School Football Rankings - MaxPreps Very interesting rankings indeed.
  9. Inspired by Mississippi State's creative use of releasing their 2020 football schedule, Pikeville did the same for their 2019 schedule and I'll admit, it got a few chuckles from me. Twitter
  10. That's cool. I have heard great stories from FS-BG games back in the day and its disappointing that they don't play anymore. I would love to see FS-BG back playing each other, especially since FS has really increased its level of play by winning and going to State Championship games since the series ended. Thanks for the answers!
  11. Kinda off-topic, but does anyone know why Franklin-Simpson and BG no longer play? I have heard from both sides that its "well FS doesn't want to play BG" and vice versa, but I feel like there is more to the story than that. Is there a reason in the first place? I wasn't living in Franklin the last time FS-BG played so I don't know. Also, a question for BG fans, would you rather play FS than Warren Central(IN) or FS?
  12. I figured they could be manually controlled. Love the improvements they have taken to improve Shadetree Stadium the last few years. Hopefully, a new scoreboard is in the works for the future.
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