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  1. I don't make it to one game and this happens. We've got to get over this one, the district tourney is just around the corner. I rank this upset higher than the JBS over Perry upset.
  2. I wonder if the same rule would apply to out of state kids who are attending public schools ? Teams like Belfry who border another state would need to have the same rule put in place for them. Out of state kids would have to be in the middle school feeder program as well. Would'nt they ????
  3. I've said all along that when tourney time rolls around, we will be right in the mix. This was a big win and should give our kids confidence rolling into regional competition.
  4. I know that I am partial but I really think that Letcher Central will be in the mix come tourney time. Once they get the chemistry down , they could be really tough.
  5. Who will most likely replace Coach Prater ? Is there an assistant who will be the front-runner ?
  6. Would Dudley be willing to come back and fix the problem ? He went back to Bell County from Bourbon County maybe he may re-change his mind. He may be the only person who can help Bourbon.
  7. This job has recently been posted on the KDE website. Anyone know the details about this job ?
  8. This district will be non-existent in two years. Most every team here will get moved into a new class IF the new alignment goes through. Bell and Rockcastle will stay with one another, while Clay and Perry will move to a higher class. Letcher Central will go with Bell and Rockcastle while Madison Southern and Knox may find themselves in a lower class. Just food for thought.
  9. Yes , it WILL be over early, the Somerset Briarjumpers will set the tone and smack you all around the field. You my friend have won your last game. The Jumpers are coming to town and bringing a team that can beat anyone in the bottom three classes.
  10. Bardstown will meet Somerset in two weeks for all the marbles. I hope B-town is ready, the jumpers are for real.
  11. We'll just see about that next week. The jumpers are coming and you ain't seen nothin like what they are bringing. Jumpers 2005 state CHAMPS
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