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  1. Thanks - we will need it! Hazard looks pretty good this year!
  2. LCA defense stepped up in the 2nd half - held Fview to 20 yds total offense and zero 1st downs. Great adjustments at the half!
  3. Yes I would have replied in the same way...it is the same cynicism and attitude either way you look at it - there is really no place in this world where that type of thinking belongs - whether we are talking about Race, Religion, Politics, etc - all men are created equal and you respect your fellow man. Again, it wasnt your prediction but the logic you expressed behind it that got me - no problem here. and btw, I like your prediction and I respect who you are pulling for as well! Have a great day my friend.
  4. YOU are the one who brought up your logic or reasoning as PUBLIC school as to why you voted for Fairview...I was commenting on that as "pathetic" - all you had to sya is "I want Fairview to win" or "I am pulling for Fairview on this one"....but NOOOOOOO - you gave the reason as to WHY - because they are Public...which is fine if you really feel that way - i could care less...but I get tired of seeing that pub-Priv issue raise its ugly head. capiche? so...there ya go. enuff said by me on this topic - lets move on to the thread topic as to who win this game and why - shall we?
  5. LOL I probably should have saved my message with a smiley face - no nerve hit - but I do think it is time that people grow up and stop the public-private crap! I just didnt think it was called for to make his post with that caveat. Pull for whoever you want and be a great fan of whatever team - but to bring up Private-Public - silly....I believe there stil may be another thread around here for that discussion - but probably not since it died about 3 years ago. Oh well...
  6. Olrambler - not sure what you did wrong but i just ran the Massey Matchup simulator and it has LCA winning 34-21 - make sure you have the correct teams playing - there is another Lexington Christian Academy as well as several Fairview's across the country...choose KY schools - remember?
  7. Boyle County is anything BUT classless! Let the Sour Grapes go EJHS - it is useless and classless on your part - sorry dude!
  8. This will be a much different game than the last time because LCA took their QB out in the 1st quarter - so I expect Fairview to come back in here and be very competitive with the LCA Eagles this time.
  9. It was 6 turnovers total - all INTs...LCA was clicking tonite. Raceland is young and will be back next year with a vengeance IF they work hard in the off-season. I spoke with sidelinedoc and your head coach before the game tonite - great coach and a great group of kids to continue the great RAM tradition - we will miss you guys and the terrific competition and comraderie we have. I was able to buy RAM a fried bologna sandwich before the game as well - so it was nice seeing everyone again. Oldrambler - sorry for the mistake in your HS football career on the radio announcement - but you are in our prayers for the MS and we all are praying for you - good intentions were in tact for sure. Thanks RAM fans and brothers. You guys are what HS Football is all about - dont let the youngsters ever forget WHO laid the groundwork to establish your traditions.
  10. Than you Eagle45 for the updates during the game tonite! Look us up at LCA next week...
  11. thanks again - LCA won 48-8 so we are rooting for Fairview!
  12. Safe travels to all the Ram folks! RAM - place your order now for food - and I will make sure you get what you need and I may have to use the "translator software" if you get ornery - ie steak = hot dog; beer = gatorade; chocolate mousse = snickers Sidelinedoc - will be good seeing you again Oldrambler - wish you could make the game - but I am sure you will be listening - so listen well because the Radio guys sit right beside me - props coming your way tonight on teh airwaves! wjmm.com
  13. Can a moderator edit the Poll? It shows Fairview & FRANKFORT and I doubt anyone will vote for Frankfort since Fairview is playing Williamsburg! Or...maybe Fairview is looking past Williamsburg, LCA/Raceland, and Hazard and they think they will be playing Frankfort at WKU!
  14. Respect and perspective are key to being good sports, and having the best of intentions and interacting with our BGP friends. We (LCA & Raceland in particular) respect one another as guys who have a passion for HS Football and we all seem to have the right perspective that it is just a game - but a game that gives each of us a little memory of our own personal "glory days" of playing Football - some much longer ago than others - ...(The older I get - the BETTER I was!) I believe the Raceland fans represent their community very well - they show excellence and passion on here just as the Raceland program/fans show it when you visit them to play - lots of fun and great atmosphere (as I have stated on here many times). I will miss the fun and rhetoric we have with each other next year. The good news about this game this week is that we will ALL be pulling for whoever wins this game the rest of the way throughout the playoffs! I predict this to possibly match up with that awesome game we had at LCA 3 years ago where LCA had a big lead - the Rams cam back and tied it up late in the 4th and LCA made a 2-minute drill to get a log FG for the win - one of the best HS football games I ever witnessed. It could be THAT good this week!
  15. Massey predicts LCA to win 38-24 as of today (Sunday) but that will get updated once Massey updates the scores from Friday night...
  16. 38-26 is NOT "rather handily" OldRambler! It was a VERY close game as this one will be as well.
  17. Great job in representing the 5th District Rams!
  18. LCA JV/Frosh were playing in the 2nd quarter and played the entire 2nd half - got some good PT in tonite and starters got to rest and freeze by the heater! LOL
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