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  1. Always pulling for my Rams... would just like to see a clean, well played game without any injuries to either team. Hoping that all involved remember this is just a game... A Big Game, But just a game at that.... Best of Luck to Both Teams....
  2. Prayers going up for the Pikeville player that was taken out in the ambulance....hopefully someone can update us...
  3. GO GRC Cards!!! Agree put it in the air and let your receivers help you out.....
  4. Prayers go out to Ram #65 Nevan Johnson.... who went down with what looked like a knee injury...
  5. Does anyone know if Coach Wells is interested?
  6. ok thanks have some conflicts just trying to make all the games I can.
  7. will someone please post the draw results when they get them please?
  8. ok please post as soon as results are known thanks so much
  9. Hey goldie will the girls draw now too?
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