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  1. UNC-5;2508307]Allow me to correct this: it is the Beechwood/Frankfort thread and please refresh my memory when Paris beat Beechwood:thumb: The last time Paris Beat Beechwood was 1989. The Greyhounds beat them in Paris from what my older brother told me was one of the coldest games he ever played in. Paris won 7-6 in Paris. Since then Beechwood has dominated them. I know back in 04 the last time Beechwood won state they were up 53-0 at halftime. They could have scored 100 points against them if they wanted to. Back to the Frankfort game. I have a friend who is a ref. He did the Galatin County game against them. He said that they have a lot of speed. But one thing about nobody is talking about is Beechwood's speed. They might not have the speed that Frankfort has but they have speed. Noel Rash wasn't the Head Coach when the Tigers won the titles when Yeagle was. But he was the DC. People who know anything about a good Beechwood team they love to play defense. I have been to a lot of Beechwood New Cath games since I played there and graduated in 95. This past one was one of the hardest hitting ones I have ever seen. I have seen where people have said the name Beechwood scares people. This Beechwood team will hit you right in the mouth. Personally I think the key of the game will be if Frankfort can stop Beechwood's offense. Frankfort does have the speed advantage but if Beechwood controls the line of scriamage then they don't have the ball. I won't be able to go to the game so if any Beechwood fan who is going can text me during the game I would appreciate that. Just pm me and I will give you my cell number.
  2. Also, don't forget they play on turf. This is the same way Beechies of old acted when they had to come to Paris to play, back in the 90's. All three of these games I'm mentioning Beechwood played at Paris in the 90's. 1991: Second game of the season. Beechwood 53 Paris 28 1993: Second round of the playoffs. Beechwood 30 Paris 18 1994: Regional Final. Beechwood 40 Paris 7
  3. Why does everyone keep saying the Seniors won't let UK lose in this game? I bet Michigan was saying that on Saturday Vs Ohio State as well. I'm a huge Tenn fan. I know they they got lucky to beat Vandy on Saturday and that UK beat Vandy in Nashville. I say big deal. All you people have been saying all year long that these seniors won't lose to the Vols on Senior Day. I guess we wil find out on Saturday. Heck after UT got destroyed by an awful Alabama team I didn't think they had a chance to win the East. Now they control their own Destiny. They know all they have to do is win on Saturday and they are in Atlanta playing LSU. UT will play better than people think they will.
  4. Coachg13207 One of the softest hitting teams ??? All I can say is Bellevue must of played some very hard hitting teams . With the strong schedule New Cath played (Ryle 6A ,Cov Cath 5A ,whoever else ) ,I was told this by a New Cath parent ,"My son said that game with Beechwood was the hardest hitting game he has played in his high school career ".The young man is a senior starter at New Cath .If your statement is true ,it is amazing not to have very many injuries .JMO I agree with you with this comment. I got there at halftime. The second half was all hard hitting. Beechwood has always been a hard hitting team. I would know this because I played there from 92-94. Yeah I know that this isn't 1994 it is 2007 but I know it hasn't changed. You have a head coach from what I have been told by people who know him was a nut at Thomas Moore who loved to hit. You have a OC who was a stud QB and LB who would just run over you or hit you as hard as he could. You have their other coaches who I'm sure love the hitting as well. There hasn't been to many soft Beechwood teams. This isn't one of them. Beechwood could very well not get to Louisville or get beat in the playoffs.I don't see it happening this week.
  5. 1987 Beechwood vs Pikeville in the state semis at Beechwood. Pikeville won the game 52-28. I know I had long johns and jeans on and I was still cold. I had no clue what the wind chill was that night but it was very bad. That was the year Pikeville started their first of their 3 straight class a titles.
  6. I would think it is Roy since Yeagle he is doing everything. I'm not a Lloyd fan so they could answer that.
  7. I wouldn't be so sure that UK will beat the Vols this year. UT has a very good defense it finally showed yesterday. This will be a very fun game to watch. It makes me laugh that all of these people are saying that the UK seniors won't lose on Senior Day to the Vols. It has happened many many times before so I don't see why it won't happen this year.
  8. This country has kicked butt but they haven't gotten the man who caused all of this. I would comment on what I think of a certain man in charge but in this thread I won't. It has been six long years since this happened. If they can get Saddam why can't they get Bin Laden?? I watched all of the 9-11 shows the other night. The one that really got to me was "9-11 Search and Recover" This show really bothered me. If anyone didn't watch this show it was about all of the great men and women who risked their lives to recover the bodies of the victims. One thing that really bothered me is that when the Towers fell almost everyone's bodies just exploded. GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THESE PEOPLE WENT THROUGH!!! I think it is time for Bush to go after the man who killed over 2,000 innocent Americans!!! THIS IS A VERY LONG TIME OVERDUE!!!
  9. I forgot to mention Lou Holy Cross. I know a guy who refed the Lou Holy Cross Pikeville game. He told me about the kid who got throw out of the game for kicking the player in the ribs on the first play of the game. He told me that Holy Cross has a lot of speed. It should be an interesting time come the playoffs and the state title game. I have a question. How come Mayfield hasn't been mentioned in this thread? If everyone has forgotten Mayfield is 2-0 against the Tigers. I hate the New playoff system. In the old playoff system these 2 teams would meet in Lou. Now they will have to have to take a 6 hour bus ride to play each other in the playoffs. The 6 class system is a joke.
  10. Are you kidding me? Nothing against the players from Brossart but come on now.
  11. Nobody is a lock to win the title. But I wish Beechwood would have moved up to 2a for better compention or however you spell it. Beechwood won't be playing New Cath in their annual battle in the playoffs. Taking nothing away from Class A but if you look at the traditon powerhouses in Class A only Beechwood,Mayfield and Pikeville has won a title in the last 15 years. From what I have read on here LCA,Frankfort and some other schools are in the running.
  12. Lloyd showed a lot of heart in this game. I have been to the last 2 Beechwood vs Lloyd games but tonight I watched it at home. Beechwood dominated those games. Tonight the difference was Coach Yeagle. How many times did we as in Beechwood win state when we shouldn't have? The 93 and 96 team should have been beaten by Bardstown and Harrodsburg in the finals. But he found a weakness in both of those teams. He will turn that program around quick. I wouldn't want to play them later in the year. I knew Beechwood would win but it didn't surprise me that Lloyd played them tough. Yeagle knew everything they would run. I agree with GT that Beechwood didn't roll in this one. Lloyd gave them everything they wanted and them some. I could see Lloyd getting the 2 seed in the district. Back to Beechwood their defense has impressed me the last 2 weeks. I can see why their the top team in Class A. Cody reminds me a lot of Gregg Hergott.
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