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  1. Some interesting data to accompany the above comments: Glaser took the HC job in 1982. The first three years: 9 - 3, 10 - 3 and 10 - 3. 29 - 9. . . It took Glaser less than 5 full seasons to collect 15 defeats!!!! Wolford''s first three years: 7 - 5, 8 - 5 and 7 - 5. 22 - 15. . . The slope is headed in the wrong direction folks. I do not forsee any change to the current situation. Just continued marginal and mediocre football. This is NOT what St. X football is about. The Administration better be working on something because dammage is being done to the program and the more damage is done the harder it is to restore the program to where it should be... It is truly a shame!!!! Nothing personal against the players, parents and coaches (nothing against Coach Wolford). This current state is simply NOT acceptable. Winning takes care of alot of things, and WE are not winning games we should!!! Thirty regular season games is enough to figure out what needs to be done and CORRECT the issues. The track record of little improvement throughout the season and between seasons is convincing enough for this fan that changes have to be made!!!! Speaking for myself and many others of the X fan base, the time is critical. ACTION IS REQUIRED.
  2. Any X alums want to chim in and give your thoughts on the current situation?
  3. Maybe Coach Wolford! He would fit in pretty well with the 7 -5, 8 - 5 and 7 - 5 record the last three years!!! Surely he can meet the Manual expetations!!!
  4. back on topic --> I feel that the X program has slipped a bit!!! Still looking for something to get them over the hump and slinging mojo!!! Just have NOT seen it the last three years. This years team is 6 - 4 and really this is NOT acceptable. Now here is the catch. Losses have come against very respectable teams. The Central loss being a real head scratcher. OK, played very competitively against some tough competition!!! Now come the playoffs!!! X will have to face some of these same opponents which they played close but came up short. Can X find a way to MAKE ENOUGH IMPROVEMENT to win these games???? My head tells me, have to see it to believe it!!!!! Heart says GO TIGERS!!!! This is a big change in the thinking process for many X fans. One could say that X was prepared and ready for the playoffs and avenged some of those losses, but in the end, X was prepared, improvements were made and fans had CONFIDENCE IN in the product on the field. Nowadays, not real sure what to expect, other than what we have seen!!!! Mediocore and marginal football!!! No disrespect to the kids, the parents and coaches!!! What it is, is what it is!!!! And its not like it used to be!!!!!
  5. Speaking of long snapper snaps over the punters head, is the Trinity long snapper still enrolled in school? For those of you that have been around a few moons recall that this situation (snapping the ball over the punters head) reared its head and cost Trinity a big ball game. I understood that the young man never graduated from Trinity!!!
  6. Well this is a BIG game to say the least! St. X needs to play a very inspired, focused and opprotunisitic game. IF ( yes I know thats a big word ) X can prepare well, through in some wrinkles, have a very good game from the coaching perspective, X CAN win this game! With the game at X, the Tigers should use this to their advantage!!! Seven weeks of film and scouting should be enough to put together a game plan to get the W. Even in a close game, X should hold the cards! Yes I know Male has been the team all season. We are talking one game folks!!!! I'm taking the Tigers 24 - 21.
  7. I surrender, everyone has their own opinion, I respect yours!!! Dad : " I was really buying fish samitches for you, Audry and Mom!!!!!" Son: " With that naked girl in the pool? " Dad: " Who that girl? Ole she was just taking my order!!!! Son: " Do you think Mom will buy it???? " (you can insert NCAA in place of Mom in this case)
  8. Im kinda surprised that many if not all posters on this thread believe that UL will escape this mess with a slap on the hand ( loss of schlorship(s), post season ban etc. ) ! I see these charges as very damaging to UofL, UofL Basketball, City of Louisville etc.!!!! Don't miss understand me, I support UofL, however, this is a very serious situation/accusations and in this politically correct world we live in, just cant see NCAA giving a light hand slap.!!! Potentially => Multiple felonys, prostitution, underage prostitution, satutory rape charge(s), money mismanagement, etc...! You think the NCAA (IF the accusations are TRUE) are going to treat this like a $50 hand shake or giving a student athlete a car???? Time will tell. Lets hope it doesnt come to this, but its going to be a long battle for UofL to save face and keep credibility. I believe UofL is in complete damage control now. Only way to avoid the Death Penalty (again IF TRUE!!!) is to replace Pitino and Jurich. Now a days, its not if you knew or participated in the infraction, WAS it ON YOUR WATCH!!!! Things my friends dont look good!!!
  9. St. X golf team captured the 2015 State Championship today giving the Tigers "Back to Back" crowns. Contrats to all players, coaches and parents for an outstanding job!!!! Results were as follows: 1) St.Xavier -19 for a 36 hole team total of 557 2) Franklin Co. +18 ; 594 3) Mason Co. +22 ; 598 4) Owensboro Catholic +28 ; 604 5) Union Co. +31 ; 607 --------------------------------------- St. X was led by: Michael Sass at -7 and Tied for 3rd Allen Hamilton at -7 and Tied for 3rd Matt Liston at -4 and Tied for 5th Congrats to all!!!!!!!
  10. Without passing any judgement on this situation, I really believe IF the acusations are True, the NCAA could impose the "Death Penalty" on UofL Men's basketball. Again, I said if True!!!! Then again, I think enough damage is already done to give the collaterial "death penalty".... All of this is NOT Good!!!!! I for see Pitino, Jurich and all of the Men's basketball staff to be relieved of their duties!!!!! This will not be pretty folks. Hang on to your seats, the show is just starting for the next 12 months!!!!!!!
  11. Still waiting for late first round scores . . . . . I think the First round is OVER!!!! On to the Second .....!!! Good Luck Tigers and bring home back to back State Championships!!!!!
  12. St. X JV soccer continues to roll over opponents!! The JV Tigers traveled to Trinity on Wednesday night to pin a 2 - 0 shutout on the Shamrocks. X scored twice in the first 8 minutes of the game!!! St. X Frosh soccer enjoyed a 2 - 1 victory over the Shamrocks earlier in the week. Word has it that this St. X Frosh team beat the Trinity JV team a couple weeks back in a JV tournament!!! Congratulations Tigers on a job will done!!!!!!
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