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How well do you know your colleges?


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Here's the top five guessed right.

% Guessed Right

University of Florida 94.6%

University of Texas 93.8%

University of Michigan 92.9%

University of Oregon 92.8%

UNC at Chapel Hill 92.7%


University of Kentucky 82.7%

University of Louisville 66.8% :fight:

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First try and I got 59. Couldn't believe I missed the ones I did.


I left off Maryland, NC State, Penn State, Seton Hall, St. Johns, Marquette, DePaul, Stanford, Univ. of Cal. LA, Wake forest, Clemson, Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado.


It is late and I am very tired tho.

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I got 66 on first try. Boy those Big East schools caused me to have such a brain freeze. Providence, Seton Hall, South Florida, were devastating. And I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I left out Maryland!!! Gosh I feel stupid, but it was fun. I was hoping to get all 73. Had it in me, but I just choked under pressure.

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65 schools. The ones I missed:


Big 12

-University of Missouri (78.8%)

-Baylor University (71.5%)

-Texas Tech University (83.4%)


Big East

DePaul University (44.8% get right, third lowest percentage)

University of Pittsburgh (64.3% get right, ninth lowest percentage)

Providence College (43.8% get right, lowest percentage)

Rutgers University (71.3%)

Seton Hall University (43.9% get right, second lowest percentage)


The only ones I'm really embarrassed about are Pitt & Missouri. But I had all the others with around 6 minutes left and I just could not figure these out.

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-The twelve most missed are all Big East schools, and 15 of the teams are among the 21 most missed, with only West Virginia out of that area.

-No Big East schools is correctly identified more than 80% of the time. West Virginia is the highest at 78.7%, and is only the 43rd highest percentage.


The lowest school per conference:

ACC: Wake Forest University (70.4%)

Big East: Providence College (43.8%, least correctly identified)

Big Ten: Northwestern University (69.6%)

Big 12: Baylor University (71.5%)

SEC: Vanderbilt University (68.9%)

Pac-10: Stanford University (78.7%)


The highest school per conference:

ACC: North Carolina (92.7%)

Big East: West Virginia (78.7%)

Big Ten: University of Michigan (92.9%)

Big 12: University of Texas (93.8%)

SEC: University of Florida (94.6%, most correctly identified)

Pac-10: University of Oregon (92.8%)


-I'm a little surprised that Oregon is the most identified Pac-10 school. It probably helps that it is just the name of the state, but I would have thought UCLA would be over them.

-North Carolina being the most identified for the ACC is not necessarily surprising I guess, but Duke being about 4% lower is surprising to me given their visibility.

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My cousin's fiance showed me this and I thought you all would enjoy it. I scored a 67 my first try...for some reason the Big East gave me trouble and it really shouldn't have.


It's really funny how you miss the easiest ones...I left off Louisville, lol.

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