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  1. I think Manual is the favorite and LHL agrees. I do think Rock will be in the finals but I can see two to three teams in the upper bracket that can beat Rock.
  2. Are the same officials that screwed up the Scott Co. and Rockcastle game on the list?
  3. Sounds like someones still bitter over a thirty point loss. No doubt Sara Hammond is the best player but they also have 3-4 other college level players on the team, that would mean an average highschool team in Kentucky would have to have more than 3-4 college level plaers to be considered better than average. BTW, good win over Bryan Station tonight.
  4. No one said that. Not in this thread at least. BTW, who implied? Also, you did use quotation marks.
  5. Another fact... Hammond will be announced as a McDonalds All American today. BTW,congrats to you ckshockey for having a niece whos a top ten player in the state.
  6. Any indication on Dawson out of Boyle Co? Whats the word from Boyle County?
  7. Pfffft, I figured a 30 point spanking would put you into reality. Did you watch the game? Rock's JV was dominating Caseys varsity when the time came for Rock to play JV. I would also note that college scouts would disagree with you. Angie Lawrence has been offered by D1 schools, Makayla Hunter (a sophmore) has D1 schools suchh as UofL interested and two other seniors has NAIA offers.
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