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  1. Sam was AD for years, but didn't he retire as a teacher and retain on the football coaching position?
  2. Casey-Lincoln should be a good one, but we will have to wait until February.
  3. Congratulations to SW Interim Coach Andy Stephens. He is a class act and a good football coach. Here's hoping he makes a nice run in the post-season and gets the "Interim" removed for 2012.
  4. I give the Rebels a puncher's chance....but I would say that's only about a 10% chance.
  5. I am Rebel1984 and I did not post this. I fear my account has been hacked. Can this post please be removed? Thanks! Rebel1984
  6. Casey was driving to tie or lead late in 3rd quarter and elected to punt at midfield. If they had not stalled, the game could have gotten interesting. As you say, it is a 4 qtr game....a fact that Wayne has appeared to have learned since last week.
  7. Game was close for three quarters. Wayne put up four TD's in the fourth quarter.
  8. Wayne wins 47-21. Game closer for three quarters than score indicates. Casey was driving to tie or take the lead late in the third quarter. Rebel offense stalled leading to a point with 3:20 to go in third quarter. From there, Wayne exploded for four touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Guffey is really nice QB.
  9. I know Wayne is the favorite, but I am not buying "without too much trouble."
  10. Will Hatter is the starting QB and has played in all seven Casey games so I think you have been misinformed.
  11. These are all interesting insights. I have watched a lot of high school sports over the last ten years and I have seen officials who I thought were calling fairly and those who were just terrible, but seldom did I see any that I thought were cheating. I have known of officials who carry vendettas against certain coaching staffs and I worked with one football ref who told me his goal for one particular season was to go 11 weeks without pulling his flag out of his pocket. But, in spite of all of that, I have rarely seen a contest of any kind where I felt the referees made the difference in the outcome. It happens occasionally, but the best team usually wins.
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