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  1. Oldham is not a top 20 team. Conner could have beaten them much worse with or without the big. Anyone who has watched this team play that knows basketball will attest to this. Just ask Conner. Anderson overlooked them. If they play again, watch the score.
  2. That's a nice way to put it. Been around too long.
  3. Wins and losses are not the issue here. They need a new coach.
  4. Notre Dame needs a new coach. Take this for what its worth.
  5. Love these conspiracy threads. Lets see. Harmeyer to Grant County. Harney to Holy Cross. Wait lets not stop there. Held to Campbell County. Wait there are more.....
  6. Hearing the Czar of AAU basketball in Louisville might me in line for this one. Head Coach Armond Wilson of the Louisville Lady Legends.
  7. Here is the bottom line. GRC ripped the heart out of Masons fans. And it could not have happened to a more deserving group of fans. Not kids. Fans. They took what you thought was a given. What you thought you had from their 7th grade years and what you fans had waited on was taken by a better team. You all yell and scream and berate refs and other teams till everyone in America roots against you. RCC9 is right. Quit crying. Lets see how strong your program really is. See what you got next year.
  8. Seems to me from a impartial observer that Simon Kenton has to many coaches talking at the same time. Kids seemed confused both games I watched this year. Also helps to play your best 5 players. Usually works out better for all involved. From where I sit if that had happened they would be playing tomorrow. But what does a old person like me know. Game has passed me by.
  9. Been around the game for a long time. Worst fans in Kentucky. Mason County. Whiny, spoiled. The travel call was the right call. The video that has the best angle is easy to see it was a walk. Now give credit where its due. GRC is the 10th region champs.
  10. Let me clarify what I am saying. First let me say I am not a Simon Kenton fan. I am not from that region either. I am a fan of all the teams in Kentucky. What I am saying is this. Clearly this was a political statement and even some of the coaches in the 8th region are clearly upset that this happened and have even stated that behind the scenes. Other coaches out in the state are laughing about this and have stated that this must be politics cause nobody is that dumb. Thats what I am saying. And with that I will exit the board. Someone needed to address this and I have. 8th region coaches shame on you. Shame.
  11. Do you realize the 8th region coaches are the laughing stock of Kentucky for this. Not taking anything away from the Trimble County player, but politics in high school sports are ugly and not needed. The other region coaches are dumbfounded at this vote. When coaches dont like another coach and decide to take it out on one of his players they should step down. Or better yet, if they are that void of judgement over talent they need to step down. Like I stated to begin, the 8th region coaches are being made fun of by 90% of the other coaches. Karma is a hard pill to swallow. Grant County. Think about that. :thumb:
  12. I am guessing the Grant County Head Coach figured out how to stop the 8th region coaches player of the year in the 8th region.
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