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  1. He won't pay for a drink in Berea at least until the start of next season win or lose this game. Cov. Cath is of course the HEAVY FAVORITE...but I expect Southern to come out and play hard. No matter the outcome Southern being here is HUGE.
  2. ...eh...not really. Madison Central is way down but of course they'll improve by the end of the year, but now is the time to beat them.
  3. Berea was NOT young last year, their skill kids outside of the QB was a Senior. They should fold football.
  4. ...and to answer your first question...YES...Model will NOT schedule Madison Central.
  5. I agree with you, Model and Berea WILL NOT vote for seeding under both administrations, and YES Model DOES NOT deserve to play Madison Central in the first round of the district. My point is instead of playing Central they should be playing Madison Southern (who they have already beaten) and get a shot to go play in the Regional tournament. Model and Berea usually are the bottom 2 this year it is Southern, (but I know if this was brought up Southern would ALWAYS vote to seed). Point being as has happened MANY times before your best 2 teams will not represent the 44th district in the 11th Regional tournament. In reality, not seeding has hurt girls basketball in the 44th district more than the boys.
  6. This is the last thing I'll say about this!!! Berea, Model, Madison Southern all play each other. Madison Central plays Madison Southern and Berea, but Model won't schedule Madison Central, I'm not sure why other than the fact they don't have to and they would take an "L". The 44th district is a joke, and its sickening to see Model or Berea in the Region when majority of the time THEY DON'T deserve it. Central dominates this district winning it 20+ straight years I think, but it hurts when the 2nd best team sometimes doesn't get in, and causes somebody in the 11th Region to basically gets a bye in their first game. Model is paying the price this year. Would they win an 11th Region game...probably not, and in all honesty even though Model beat Southern this year its a wash because they are very close. But think of this...what if Berea were to go and play in the Region...that would be a joke and the rest of the 11th Region teams should raise this issue because it makes the Region road a little easier than in other Regions. Not trying to raise a fuss or cause a stir, but IMO its just the right thing to do.
  7. Well if he or the AD at Model would put their big boy pants on and vote to seed then this wouldn't even be an issue.
  8. Model or Berea won't vote to seed it. Bit Model in the butt this year.
  9. Madison Central vs. Model Madison Southern vs. Berea I'm sure Model and Coach Scarberry are not real happy since they already beat Madison Southern this year...LOL
  10. I keep saying it and I feel it's true Coach Feldhaus is the best coach in the state period. This team this year has very little talent but he knows how to get it out of them, which several coaches just can't do.
  11. I like this Southern team, and all winter they talked about how they could play with Madison Central...they better get to work and chase Model. Otieno could play for any team in the 11th and some of you will kill me for saying that but I haven't seen anybody stop him. He is the best individual player in the 44th and showed it last night. It was a good game. I look for Southern to bounce back and take it out on Berea this Friday. Good game Model...damn did I just type that...LOL
  12. The scary thing this is Central's least talented team in 7 or 8 years. Allen is the best coach in the state. He demands no less just because he doesn't have the talent he normally has.
  13. Riley Hall could play at EKU or an OVC school. I think if given a little time he could be a solid QB in the MAC...so Coach Hines' comment aren't out of bounds at all.
  14. That's why they should have it at UK because its never in use...LOL
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