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  1. With FS's recent success, will they consider rescheduling BG for 2019/20? With Logan's recent success, will they consider scheduling FS for 2019/20? Lots of talk out of these two camps based on their performances against 1A Russellville...kudos to the Panthers for playing up classes and keeping traditional and regional rivalries.
  2. Give me Jack Haskins...went to the title game coaching at places like Heath and Lone Oak...simply amazing. That man could coach some offense and build castles where others couldn't build a shack.
  3. Gwoods blowout losses are to BG, South, and FS...all three would running clock Highlands, at home or on the road. Highlands has wins against a 1-7 Cooper, a decent 5-3 Campbell, and a 3-5 Dixie. Two of Dixie's wins are against 1-7 Cooper and 1-7 Boone. One time in 8 games, Highlands has held an opponent under 20...four of eight, they've given up 35+. Other than Highlands win against Campbell (which is a little puzzling), they have continued to be anything but a low level program with an exceptional history. Greenwood has hardly been world beaters but I think too many on here are hearing the name "Highlands" and failing to look at their actual body of work...or history of defensive struggles against offenses that have a pulse.
  4. Based on what? Highlands is a BAD defensive football team. That's not a good thing to be against a disciplined Veer offense. I'll take the Gators 28-7.
  5. Central that got running clocked in all 10 games last year? Coach Taylor has the Dragons improving, but come on. When East is on an uptick, and they appear to be, Greenwood has not fared well against the Raiders.
  6. Cov Cath will running clock the Birds. Two programs that for the past couple of years, have been headed in different directions.
  7. 3-7, 4-6, or 5-5...I still believe for teams that mostly run the ball Coach Smith does such a good job with their run defense that teams are going to struggle to score a lot on SW. Now, if you throw the ball... SW still has some good looking kids, but that schedule is quite the step up for them. If they are rolling and come into BG with 1 or no losses, expect a crowd and atmosphere similar to the 2011 BG/WC game which a good number of folks will say was the most packed game BG has had at home ever.
  8. I'm throwing this out there and you can tell me if I'm wrong, but I feel like you keep lobbing Coach Smart's name out there so you can watch people bash it. Coach Smart has done a very good job in tough places. That in itself, is commendable.
  9. How crazy is it that we are talking about Highlands and I look at that schedule and the only real winnable game I see is Boone....
  10. Boone's mess is not the product of a coach before Griffith, Griffith, or anyone who has or is following. It's a zoning and population concentration problem.
  11. Based on several threads I've read on here, here are some interesting shifts and occurrences that seem to have garnered the attention of this board and have gained popularity but that also still command a crowd of faithful to the old ways or the opposing view... 1. Safety - More and more coaches are bypassing the argument that "kids need to get tough" in favor of the argument that "the game needs to get safe". There is a fine line out there, but it is a dangerous one to walk and one that I believe is deeply impacting #2. How safe can the game be made while maintaining the integrity of the sport? 2. Quality Assistant Coaches Grooming to be Head Coaches - The liabilities of #1, the parents, the D1-or-bust-generation, the money, the teaching expectations...all of it is leading to what many claim is a decline in the quality of football coaches who are also employed inside the schools for which they coach. Is this in fact the case? 3. Time - Like #1, it seems there is a shift from the extreme to the growth-through-precision-moderation way of thinking. More and more, coaches are embracing the Dead Period, in fact , many want it to be longer. Summer, through limitation, has lost a good deal of its umph when it comes to development. People simply value their time these days in a way that demands a change in the demands of football. To what extent will it go? 4. Why Kids Play and What They're Told at Home - Fading are the days of the prominence and importance of the team mystique of a letter jacket, the school pep rally, and the pep buses (see Chief's post) and roaring into their place is, "Blessed to have received an offer from...". The idea of playing football because it is something to be a part of is being threatened by the idea that everyone can play at the next level...especially when this is what kids go home and hear. Is the concept of true team dying? 5. The Lie that is Small School College Football - "I've committed to play for (insert small private college) may be the most dangerous notion financially for student-athletes we have ever seen. In comes a small school with an offer of a "scholarship" of $2,200 plus a grant, plus "some loans". Kid Commits...to a school that costs 24k a year. Shows up and there are literally 80 Freshmen there. Kid washes out quickly, transfers back home...along with the 17k in student debt he incurred. Are small college football teams abusing the division of their scholarships? Just some thoughts I've had recently.
  12. 1. WKU is and has been better at football than UK for a while now. UK hardly holds a football mystique. Any kid that signs with WKU these days would fully expect to beat UK if the Cats would ever be willing to schedule them again. 2. The Boyle-Allen Co. game in 2010 was probably the best Finals atmosphere any of us have ever seen. The only thing close I can remember is the Male-Trinity game in the snow. All that said, I think a change of scenery will at least spice things up. I'm looking forward to it.
  13. We can only hope. FR football is brutal and unrealistic for 95% of schools in KY. In the vast majority of cases, FR football becomes a hodgepodge of kids thrown in at positions they don't practice or play, and essentially becomes a middle school game where whoever has the fastest kid at tailback, wins. Great in theory, terrible in practice.
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