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  1. Anyone been mentioned as a potential replacement? East would be a good job with a lot of interest I would think.
  2. Heard Austin Newton's name as a potential candidate. Former assistant at EKU with Neubauer.
  3. Any chance Scarberry would leave Model for Southern? Seems like a sideways move, but he may have interest. Been at Model a long time.
  4. High scoring affair tonight at Robertson County!
  5. Will Class A schools have the opportunity to play up in 2A and not play in their class A regional?
  6. There needs to be consistency with classes across all sports. A 2A football school should be a 2A basketball school. Who determines that?
  7. Looks like Model has been without 2 starters the past few games. Hope they aren't serious injuries. Anyone know when the 44th draw is?
  8. Do you know for sure that Model won't schedule Madison Central? I'm not disagreeing with what you say, I think the KHSAA should mandate seeding, but in recent years Model and Madison Southern have been pretty competitive with one another, but it seems as though you single out Model when they would deserve a regional opportunity as much as Southern would.
  9. Knowing Coach Scarberry he'll embrace the challenge and have his team ready to compete. Model has 2 of the better players in the district in Otieno and Chen, but it'll take a near perfect game for them to upset the Indians.
  10. Congratulations to Model's Ephraim Otieno on scoring his 1,500th point tonight.
  11. Final Model's Ephraim Otieno scores 42 in an upset win at Madison Southern. Alex Chen scores 20 and pulls down 10 boards. Michael Jefferson leads Southern with 33. (Per Richmond Register )
  12. From the southern part of the region, pay attention to: Tanner Kidwell- Madison Southern Stacy Burns- Madison Southern Terique Miller- Madison Central John Williams- Madison Central Ephraim Otieno- Model Alex Chen- Model Madison Southern and Model will each have one of their better teams in recent memory.
  13. I've been waiting on an answer to the clock situation as well. They actually took it down to 3 seconds before the ball was entered. Anyone see something I missed?
  14. I don't disagree that Southern is the 2nd best team, but who could they beat in the Region that Model couldn't? (Model won tonight). I think both could beat Woodford or Franklin. Neither could beat the 4 teams from the 42nd or 43rd. Just my opinion.
  15. I think most people would agree that the fairest method would be to seed, but the khsaa has to mandate that or make this a 5 team district through realignment. I've been on both sides of this as an administrator and you have to vote in the best interest of your school. I would disagree that it's unfair to Central, they have won like 20 districts in a row, so I can't imagine they care. Also, Model did beat Woodford a few weeks ago, so it wouldn't necessarily be an easy win if the draw went that direction.
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