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Dunbar 45 Bryan Station 3


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ouch, didn't see the score being so lopsided. How did Combs do for BS?


I honestly thought coming into this game that BS would give Dunbar a game. Its funny that you asked that cause Coach Lucas didnt even line Combs up one time at RB while I was there. Isnt that the position that he is being recruited by D1 schools for?


Some notes on Bryan Station, they great size at all positions, with a huge line,(#78 & #73) but their best player was a little running back, #3 I think. Combs was never given a chance to see what he could do in the game while I was there. The defense is a basic 5-2 walking the corner up on the tight side, but BS has neither the DL or LB to play this scheme. I thought BS could be looking at the #3 spot in the district this year, but after they way they looked tonight, I think they will be luck to get by Montgomery Co. and it looks like another long season in Station.

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Bryan Station had an awful outing in their stadium opener. For some odd reason, Lucas and Co. played the game almost in scrimmage format by not showing any of Combs versatility. Dunbar ran the ball and played defense very well last night. Both teams still need a whole lot of work in the passing game. Both QB's looked like they had pre-determined recievers, no matter what the defense did. Both teams appeared to be in way better shape than last year. The jury is still out on both, but way more so now on BS.


Great game dogs! Maybe a good year for "tha D".

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