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  1. IMO this game was great in all areas. Both these teams have great kids and class act coaches. This one was fun to watch!
  2. I heard it too! I guess they are going to try and power up the middle. I don't know how effective it will be since it didn't work much for them last year.
  3. Bear, you might want to check and see if someone hacked your computer because you actually picked Creek to win. I might faint!!!!!
  4. Chucking????? This team is improving weekly. MC is a very solid football team and Creek was the underdog. I look for Creek to keep improving and peak when they need to. As for the homer calls...whatever. These two teams were going at it the first half. As for a "power running team" comment, I think Harmon knows what he is doing.
  5. Great win for Station. I haven't seen them yet, but I heard they are loaded.
  6. I couldn't agree with you more. This is a young team with a new system and it will take a little time, but Harmon is an excellent coach and will get the ball rolling! It definately was a fun game to watch (even without a win), and there were some good things happening on the field for the Creekers.
  7. That remains to be seen. They looked pretty good against a team that some are predicting will go undefeated. I was impressed.
  8. After speaking to a few insiders I was told that 1st team vs. 1st team 0-0. 2nd vs. 2nd 7-0 TC. All of PC scores came against either freshman or fresh/jv mix. PC varsity did not score. I don't think they even got inside the 20. The TC players that did not play were for injuries or discipline.
  9. Everyone got reps. TC played 3 qbs and rotated throughout. When the TC varsity and PC varsity played it was 0-0. TC freshman got beaten by PC JV. Creek looked great.
  10. Coach Howell was offensive coordinator last year. Under Harmon he was a position coach.
  11. I wouldn't say that they all teach classes. And I am sure the pay isn't that big of difference compared to other districts. I am just wondering what the real problem is at PLD. The only ones that can answer that question are the other coaches around the state. I can't imagine why this wouldn't be an attractive opportunity for someone with experience..??.
  12. Surely the athletic director has someone in mind. I can't imagine that they do not have an idea as to who they want. Most programs have a handful of prospects in mind at the onset of the application process. Good luck to them though...I hear it is rough over there.
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