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  1. The 15th Region can be heard on 103.1 WPKE or http://www.wpke.com 93.1 WDHR or http://www.wdhr.com 104.5 WPRT or http://www.ekytalk.com
  2. 59th District and 15th Region Boys and Girls 103.1 WPKE http://www.wpke.com Pikeville 93.1 WDHR http://www.wdhr.com Pikeville
  3. 58th District and 15th Region Boys and Girls 900 WLSI Pikeville 960 and 104.5fm WPRT Prestonsburg 1400 WBTH Williamson/Belfry also at http://www.ekytalk.com
  4. Press conference at 4p this afternoon at PHS to complete this announcement Broadcast live on 103.1 WPKE and http://www.wpke.com
  5. Pikeville has outscored single A competition 297-60 Harlan has outscored single A opponents 117-106 Just interesting numbers.
  6. Pikeville quit before halftime...absolutely gave up...should have gone ahead and gotten on the bus.
  7. It's ludicrous that a catcher would drop to his knees on a breaking ball head high. (Sandy Koufax's curveball didn't break that much) There are obviously some people on this thread who have never been behind the plate as a catcher or umpire. The ball did not hit the batter(why would the batter wave the runner to advance?) The catcher absolutely intentionally did this and the pitcher was throwing at the umpire also...It's very obvious. Also, Isn't it odd that the player's principal apologized and said the punishment was fair? Sounds like he feels it was intentional as well.
  8. This thread is WAY off topic Congrats Coach Howell...Good Luck Dunbar!!!
  9. The current setup is slanted toward the larger schools with more pitching.
  10. Great hire for Dunbar! Coach Howell is an overachiever who will bring a certain intensity to any team. I personally have been impressed with his ability to overcome and succeed as a player and coach. Offensive minded coach who gets a lot out of his players on the field and students in the classroom. Coaching is about leading, teaching, and motivating...Howell has all the tools.
  11. Any word on who the new Dunbar coach will be???
  12. East KY Broadcasting will have complete coverage of the 15th Region Tournament action on 93.1 WDHR--Pikeville Online at http://www.wdhr.com
  13. I have a very hard time believing that the other 15 regions are going to just sit back and allow this to happen. Where are their region reps that sit on the board of control??? Not just the Super District getting 4 teams in the region but what about the 57th(a five team district) getting three teams in??? Are there other five team districts in the state that would like to get three teams in???
  14. East KY Broadcasting is broadcasting complete coverage of the 59th and 60th District Softball Tournaments. Online at http://www.ekytalk.com 900 WLSI-Pikeville 960 WPRT-Prestonsburg 1400 WBTH-Williamson/Belfry 104.5FM-Prestonsburg
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