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  1. Rowan shot 17 of 41 from the field, 2 of 13 from 3 pt land.
  2. There was a double T in that game now that you mention it, but I really don't remember who was assessed the T's. It may have been. The stat sheet doesn't list it. You may be right, I have done so many games in the last couple weeks they are starting to run together!!
  3. Obviously you didn't like the officiating! Not sure what you mean by the second half being ruined by the zebras, but you saw what you saw. My statement was the officials had no bearing on this game. I would have loved to see the girls from Sandy Hook pull this one out, a great accomplishment for this great group of young ladies, but I don't think they were cheated out of a championship in any way shape or fashion. I congratulate Coach Tackett and his girls, they had a hard road to the Sweet 16, no doubt about that!
  4. Mark Cantrell was assessed one T and Shae Ferguson was assessed a T
  5. The KHSAA is ALWAYS looking for men and women who want to return something to their school and community by becoming a licensed athletic official. Candidates should be at least 18 years old, a high school graduate, in good physical condition, and able to make decisions on their feet and stick to them. http://officials.khsaa.org/officialinterest.htm Hey, you knew somebody was going to post this link, might as well be me tonight. I am kinda tired of hearing about the officiating. My grandpa always said not to criticize what someone else does unless you can do it better. Here is your chance!
  6. All Tourney Team Combs --East Dietrich -- Ashland Mosely -- Boyd Boyd -- Fleming Conner -- Ashland Parsley -- Russell S Ferguson -- Elliott K Ferguson -- Elliott Griffith -- Elliott Riddle -- Rowan Martin -- Rowan Brockman -- Rowan Brockman -- Defensive Player of the Tourney Griffith -- Tourney MVP
  7. The officiating had nothing to do with the outcome of this game guys! I will admit there were a couple of quesitonable calls, but as someone already pointed out, Elliott shot 14-45 from the field including 2 of 15 from 3 point land. There was some inconsistency at times between the officials, by that I mean one called it a little tighter than the other two, but he called the same on both ends, as did the other two. A 5 point 4th quarter will usually get you beat! Rowan Co Muncy 8 Brockman 6 Riddle 13 Martin 22 Kissinger 2 Kiser 1 Duff 2 Elliott Co K Ferguson 8 S Ferguson 6 Ison 4 Griffith 17 FYI -- Lakin Griffith tied a tournament record with 52 rebounds in the tourney.
  8. Elliott was 12 of 28 from free throw line West was 17 of 25
  9. Elliott Co T Knipp 20 Et Faulkner 17 Ferguson 15 Ev Faulkner 12 C Knipp 12 Ison 2 West Carter Rayburn 19 BA Oney 13 Jarrell 9 Webb 8 Stamper 5 C Oney 4 D Oney 3 Logan 2 Garvin 2
  10. First time for everything! And it's OK, 2 people can watch the same game and see things very differently. I will watch the game again on tape and see if my opinion changes however. Have a great day!
  11. I wouldn't say anyone would have an easy road to the finals and I drew mine out of a hat, not wishful thinking. I get out my pill bottle and draw it out. We will see, this is just for fun any way, our predictions won't influence anything!
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