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  1. I was looking back at the other posts. Tossing in a name that is State record holder for yards rushing in a season. I know I cover Bath County and have for years and never had the chance to see the man play but Frank Jones 3,361 yds in a season. That is a ton in it self should also be the season avg holder. He did that in 1969 a year when most schools didn't keep records and in Bath County's case lots of the old records were lost in a fire at what is now the Middle School attic in the late 80's. Frank rushed 3,361 yards on a team that went 6-5 in 1969. 11 games was played that season and if my Math is correct he would have averaged a total of 306 yards per game. Now I have seen some great players over the years and one that that impressed me was Chris Jennings for the Fairview Eagles as well. Walked on at Arizona made the team and even played as a Cleveland Brown a couple seasons ago. Now nowhere near Shaun Alexander in pro career. You look at some of the teams that are small and don't get the larger area media coverage and they get over looked. If you put Harris on a team say in Class A would they say he is a 5 star or would it be he plays weaker defenses. Same could be said for Alexander if he was coming from a small mountain school that is not covered by Northern KY/Cincinnati area Media does he get the looks. In no way am I saying that they are not great but to over look the little guys that were not on the great championship running teams is not fair. The game today vs. even 15 years ago has changed where you can click a link and see the school via the internet stream, or listen to the broadcast. So to compare players past to present is a very difficult task. That is why a it is great to be able to discuss these things. There are more chances of a kid today to be noticed than back in the day. Think about the changes in number of programs that have football now. There are 767 college teams across all divisions that have football programs (a all time high) so now more than in the past there are more chances to play football at the next level.
  2. Bath lost 18 seniors. Also was without 3 really good atheletes. Dont take away but paris is thin but really athletic. A few flags and a few less would def be a different story. With that said look for the Jr So dominated team to improve as they learn their roles. The Cats dropped their season opener a year ago before winning 7 in a row.
  3. Clark - Graham 4, Taylor 9, Hammons 3, Skinner 19, Murphy 7, Hamlin 7 Bath - Rogers 4, Price 15, Sparks 19, Martin 6, Jamison 2, Walters 2, Howard 3 Clark Co 15 15 8 9 47 Bath Co 8 19 8 16 51 Nice win for BC.
  4. Bourbon played well bath was as good hopkin left ankle hurt late in ot will feel it in morn bath earned respect and played with heart
  5. My sources tell me that Larry Tiller was hired. Can anyone give us the scoop on him. All I know is that he was 4-23 in his last year at Estill. Would greatly appreciate any info that you can provide.
  6. Last of the interviews are to take place this evening. I know of at least one interview to take place and there might be another.
  7. Names were given to me but I would rather not reveal at this time. Yes, Maze Stallworth (since he has already been listed) was one of the names but I hadn't heard that it was a 3 horse race. I am interested to see how this plays out. As soon as I know something, I will post it ASAP.
  8. What I am hearing is that interviews will take place this week. They are down to 5 or 6 excellent candidates. My sources tell me that the search committee did an excellent job of going thru all the applications (over 30). Again, I hope that they can hire someone that will build a program. They need involvement/direction at the youth level thru high school.
  9. Word on the street in O'ville is that they will be screening applicants tonight. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks they will be able to announce. I am unsure who the favorite may be but my only hope is that they find someone that can help build a program they way Coach Hicks had started doing when he was there. Bath has some young/raw talent coming up and I believe that they can compete in the 61st and 16th region in the future with the right coach.
  10. Would love to see that happen. Not sure that it would.
  11. I say IMO that Nicholas will strugle with the speed of Fleming. Fleming is very fast when given the blocks and tough to track down from behind. Nicholas however with a strong running game and clock control may negate Flemings offensive speed by limiting time on the field. 1st game jitters out of the way should be a good game. Best of luck to each team and hope that tempers don't flair and injuries held at zilch.
  12. Are 5th graders allowed to play up on Middle School basketball teams in your District?
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