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  1. People act like if there is a vaccine everyone will take it. How many people refuse the flu shot? All I am saying is that a vaccine is not a 100% end all.
  2. Can you elaborate on why you feel that way? Most feel the opposite.
  3. Indiana and Georgia are both discussing opening back up in July. I think it is coming! GHSA eyeing possible return in early July Indiana plans to open high school activities on July 1 - MaxPreps
  4. RPI is always going to be tough for teams in this area. Beating Boyle is their only chance to get a really big boost.
  5. Yes, but I heard they were playing again this year.
  6. I’m pretty sure they play Rowan in the grid.
  7. My local school district has to bid out all major purchases and even requires their coaches to get at least 2 bids on ANY purchase. I know that BSN has been the lowest bid the great majority of the time. They can offer lower prices because they are a nation wide company.
  8. BSN is used by many Kentucky High Schools. It’s headquarters might be in Texas but they have several sales people and some store fronts in Kentucky.
  9. I think they play Nicholas at Nicholas.
  10. Fleming County Kyron Humphrey - Lindsey Wilson Austin Hunt - Mt St Joseph Alberto Sanchez - KCU Brad Applegate and Kaleb Flanery still considering offers
  11. Is there a connection with Lewis County? Just curious.
  12. I have heard that the middle school coach is interested.
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