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  1. Final from Flemingsburg. Fleming makes it 8 in a row over their rival but most importantly move to 2-0 in the district.
  2. Can you elaborate on why you feel that way? Most feel the opposite.
  3. My local school district has to bid out all major purchases and even requires their coaches to get at least 2 bids on ANY purchase. I know that BSN has been the lowest bid the great majority of the time. They can offer lower prices because they are a nation wide company.
  4. I think they play Nicholas at Nicholas.
  5. I was very impressed with Bell's offensive line. They really get after it! I think they might be the difference in this ballgame.
  6. Final from Flemingsburg. Panthers end the regular season 8-2. Maher had a huge night with 360+ yards passing with 6 Td's and around 90 yards rushing.
  7. It is frozen at the end of the regular season.
  8. Final from Pendleton County. Fleming moves to 6-2 and secured first place in their district for the playoffs.
  9. This game was a battle and tale of 2 half’s. Fleming shot out to a 27-8 lead at halftime and East came battling back in the 2nd half. Fleming moved the ball but East stopped them on downs inside the 15 a few times. East scored last and went for 2 with 1:01 left. Fleming stopped them and then just ran out the clock. Really a fun game to watch. Kudos to both teams for the grit and tenacity.
  10. Fleming County's field. Their logo is an outline of the county with the Panther head in it.
  11. Tough game. Fleming fell behind 21-0 early and came back and took the lead. Greenup scores with :36 seconds left to regain the lead. Fleming County drove all the way down and got stopped on the 5 to end the game. Very fun game to watch but a heartbreaker to lose.
  12. Nice win for the Panthers. They got out to a 41-6 lead early in the 3rd quarter and Nicholas hit some long balls late to keep it interesting. Fleming had a lot of different kids score and scored on offense, defense and special teams (was called back).
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