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  1. What a difference a year makes. So does trial and ERROR.
  2. The best reciever on tha team.
  3. They just signed the best high school football player in Kentucky.
  4. Come on Chair. Yes, you're obviously new so you haven't seen the excuses as to why they have been losing so much over the past 2 years. You've obviously developed your own opinion without all of the facts, so I won't really say too much about what your post says. Stay tuned buddy, you might find out that you're waaaaaaayy off.
  5. So what does the tabs at Fazoli's have to do with anything? And besides, here's a good message. The number hasn't changed and I'm not that hard to find. I'll be at the game Friday. pm me and I'll tell you how to spot me if you don't already know.
  6. If UK threw the ball as many times as Louisville does, they'd have at least 2 more loses. Balance works very well for this team. The South Carolina and LSU games show this to be true.
  7. Dixon has been hurt and now fumbles all the time. That's primarily the reason Little kept his job. I have the inside scoop on, well pm me.
  8. Dunbar. Still think they could do better, but they have improved from, well let's just forget about that year.
  9. I completely agree with you. I don't see this team as a BCS team.
  10. Yeah, but oh well. Maybe top 5 if they beat Florida.
  11. Well we'll see. This isn't the UK teams of the past. Like that matters. LSU couldn't complete a pass at all, unless it was a swing. I seriously doubt you'll see a one-dimensional VOLS team on Nov.24. What do you think the UT trio of backs are gonna do to UK? UK is not very good at stopping the run.
  12. Good back, not great. Dixon without the fumble virus is better. Dorsey will make millions, but he is clearly not even the best player on their roster. By the way, quite a few UK Wildcats agree also on both points. Let's just say I have an inside scoop.
  13. You're kidding right? Run all over UT. Yeah, that's what has happened the past what 23 years? By the way, UT can run and throw.
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