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  1. So....how many games can Trinity lose before they drop from #1? :laugh: -CardinalsFan
  2. What does that mean? I'm curious your take on this guru because you have long been a naysayer of this event as you believe it is a cash grab for the event organizers and the "middle men", whoever that maybe, and here we have proof that the schools, not In-game Sports management, sets the prices. Care to comment further? :popcorn: -CardinalsFan
  3. Completely ignorant response. This is not the reason the format changed. Ohio teams consistently beat the teams from KY and IN. The organizers have had to bring in the best teams from the tri-state to try and match up with the marquee names from OH in the event. Even that is usually not enough. They often time reach out beyond the tri-state area for decent competition. That being said, I do not like the way this event has gone. Bigger is not always better and that applies to this event. It was marketed as an opening weekend type event that was special because it was limited. It was an honor to be invited to play because you were a part of something special. Now you get Lloyd vs. Beechwood and Woodward @ Withrow...Zzzzz.....zzzzz..... -CardinalsFan
  4. A Moeller alum comes home...sort of... KENWOOD - The administrators at Moeller High School didn’t have to look any further than their own backyard in choosing the school’s next football coach. Doug Rosfeld, one of the 1996 captains of the Crusaders and a former offensive line coach under Bob Crable and John Rodenberg literally lives behind the school. Moeller Announces new Head Football Coach -CardinalsFan
  5. The Giants shouldn't go anything that will put the #2 pick in the draft at risk. -CardinalsFan
  6. Moeller will announce their new head coach today at a 3:15 press conference at the school....for anyone that cares. -CardinalsFan
  7. Don't be done talking about it!! That's the point of the board. To have meaningful, thoughtful and respectful dialog on topics you are interested in. Clearly you are interested in this topic...so keep talking! I mean, for the love of God, what else do Trinity fans have to talk about this week, or next, or next, or next.... -CardinalsFan
  8. Wow...I thought this topic was dead...clearly, I was wrong. Not the first time, won't be the last. It seems I was off in thinking there is no interest in this from a portion of Trinity faithful. Glad to see there is. I think it would be an amazing opportunity for the kids and families involved. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and it's not even really debatable. For total transparency, I have personally asked this question of my own alma mater several times and have yet to be really satisfied with the reasoning. Will continue to probe until I get a better answer. Trinity to Alabama to play Hoover? Georgia to Colquitt Co.? Come on...how AWESOME would that be?! No missed school, just a chance for these boys to bond together in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent all that is good about Trinity in front of a whole other community. Makes to much sense NOT to do! -CardinalsFan
  9. Ok...a couple of posters who I respect and feel has a pulse for the people of the Trinity community say 6A State Titles in KY are enough, they're enough I guess. Thought there might be a few posters who would want to make an argument for something more. Thanks for the conversation and the honest feedback. Much appreciated. -CardinalsFan
  10. Tell me, how proud do you feel sitting here on November 1 knowing your alma mater is going to win their 25th State Title and will do so comfortably? Does that actually give you a sense of pride? Beating up on a bunch of schools that could never hope to compete with you? Would never presume to know, let alone tell, someone else what is best for them. I was just merely asking why a program with the long history of success that Trinity has doesn't try and up their game now and then, that's all. -CardinalsFan
  11. There is no agenda. It began from this comment: "They won every game on probably the toughest schedule anyone in the state of Kentucky has ever played." Which, after the season is over, clearly holds no water. I don't disagree with your bolded comment above. Things are "fine" the way they are now, no question. You sound like an old person who doesn't want to put in the work to strive for excellence. A person who doesn't want to do everything possible to give these young men, who pay a butt-load of money to attend your alma mater, the best possible experience while sacrificing hundreds of hours every year to put Trinity in the record books with their 800th state title. Is that who you are? More importantly, is that what they taught you at Trinity? Trinity 2017..."Strive for Fine...it's good enough!" Trinity can keep doing what they are doing and keep winning 6A KY Titles...which mean absolutely NOTHING when you consider the parameters by which their school is filled vs. those of their competition. I mean, how much can a "State" title really mean if in reality, you only ever have 1 other school to worry about? Honestly. That's why I raised the topic of playing outside their little 100 mile bubble. Yeah, playing Indy powers and Cincy powers is "fine", but if you are trying to demonstrate to the young men you are grooming in your halls that you should strive for excellence in everything you do, why not SHOW them that in the most high profile output the school has to offer? And don't give me any garbage about football being "secondary" at Trinity. It is the #1 most recognizable commodity at that school, PERIOD. Not the drama program (do they even have one?), the academics, the faith-based outreach...none of it brings in the cash and attention that the football program does. Not. Even. CLOSE. Enjoy your Wheaties -CardinalsFan
  12. Not to derail the thread, but the only thing that needs work in Ohio is to separate the publics and privates/open-enrollment schools come playoff time. It makes no sense having teams play each other with two different sets of rules in regards to how they got the athletes that wear their uniforms. Once that problem is fixed, all will be well. -CardinalsFan PS: The GMC has 10 teams. We actually have 4 teams in the playoffs this year.
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