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  1. LOL...haven't been around in quite a while. Glad to be back patrolling the boards a little bit. Three in High School so really been busy. Hope all is well with you Guru. -CardinalsFan
  2. Sooooo....can the Tribe put together back-to-back wins for the first time since (checks notes) 2016?! Likely not, I'm guessing. HC put the same beatdown on Bellevue last year and proceeded to rattle off 6 straight losses. Walton-Verona is always good and would seem to be at a different level entirely. Hope I'm wrong. Would love to see a bounce back season for the Indians as they celebrate the 10-yr anniversary of their 2011 State Title. -CardinalsFan
  3. I am curious how many 3 pointers Conner ended up with. They had 11 in the 2nd qtr alone. -CardinalsFan
  4. You say you aren't a fan and then rattle off multiple reasons why it is better than grass. Color me confused 😕 -CardinalsFan
  5. This is absolutely the case. Tossing in the post that he lives in KY is a bomb, if true. I seriously doubt the validity of that statement. -CardinalsFan
  6. So it looks like this game has been moved to Saturday at 4 PM...assuming Holmes is completely cleared to play? May check this one out! -CardinalsFan
  7. The Bombers return 16 starters next year. -CardinalsFan
  8. St. Xavier certainly has a shot...as long as they don't play as bad as they did last week. How they have FIVE turnovers and still win is such a St. X thing to do. And as far as their schedule helping them...yeah, I guess. I think that is often times overplayed. I will take Pick Central's experience in the playoffs over the past 4 years over whoever St. X played. It will be a close game, I just see the Tigers beating the Bombers. -CardinalsFan
  9. Oh yeah...TONS of them. All but 5 are non-Division I, including one right on the edge, LaSalle, who had been Division 1 their entire history up until 7 or so years ago. In fact, the joke is that LaSalle wouldn't be what they are now without the drop to D2. When they were in D1, they were 0-8 all-time in the playoffs. They dropped to D2 and won 4 State Titles in a 6 year window (2014-16, 2019). There are only 5 Catholic Schools in Division 1, out of 64. Over the past 20 seasons (2000-2019), those 5 schools have won 70% of the Division 1 State Championships. 🤔 -CardinalsFan
  10. Nice to see that it looks like they are going to keep the format of all 4 fields basically the same with block letters in the endzone, alternating shades of green turf every 5 yards, and a school logo at the 50. Very clean look. Congrats to these Boone County high schools and a big THANK YOU to the auditor who discovered the error and single-handedly delivered over $16M to a district desperately in need of many, many upgrades. -CardinalsFan
  11. Pickerington Central has put together a very impressive run over the past 4 or 5 years. They are the defending big school champions and I fully expect them to handle St. Xavier next week. The Div2 State Semi between LaSalle and Massilion will be one of the most watched games in the state next week. -CardinalsFan
  12. I agree. The decision to start on time and end early was absolutely the right call. The big school division in Ohio only had 4 teams playing yesterday and will only have 2 playing next week. Now, the smaller divisions will play one extra week because of how many they had in the playoffs (all teams qualified) but all football will be completely finished with every team getting an opportunity to play at least 10 games before the week of Thanksgiving. I am sad to hear this is happening in the Bluegrass. These kids have worked through so much to get to the this point in the season. What an absolute shame. Hopefully they can find a way to finish it out. -CardinalsFan
  13. Does HC have a player going to Penn State?? -CardinalsFan
  14. So curious what the call was on that final play? Clearly, a young man got in to play that is a "special" circumstance as the whole team and crowd went nuts when he as introduced. I assume it was because his progress was stopped before he was stripped of the ball. -CardinalsFan
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