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  1. Thanks for the background. Much appreciated. -CardinalsFan
  2. I don't even know what OLP and LaSallette are...LOL! So, I guess we need to see how Ryle does against the big girls of St. Henry and ND before really knowing whether or not they have a legit chance to break an unbelievable streak. -CardinalsFan
  3. So....when was the last time someone not named St. Henry or Notre Dame won the 9th? Has it EVER happened?? -CardinalsFan
  4. So you do a live video broadcast of the game with live stats? And it's just you? Do you have a broadcast team with color commentary as well? How many cameras do you use? Sounds great...can't think of any other school in NKY that provides that level of live coverage, am I right? -CardinalsFan
  5. Ya gotta believe it comes down to the ability of Holy Cross to stop the run. This team, just by looking at the scores, looked like they play "defense optional" last season. If the Breds are able to run the ball the way they did last week, tough to see them not controlling the clock and winning the game going away. On the other hand, if the Indians offense can use the playmakers at their disposal like they did last week, they seem to be able to attack more aggressively and could put up big points. The offense is complex to run, difficult to defend if the plays are run correctly. Part of Holy Cross' problem the past two years is that they have been very young, I believe. I do wonder how much playing time their younger kids get. Imperative to get the talent on the field early at a school the size of Holy Cross. Is this game being broadcast anywhere? -CardinalsFan
  6. So Bellevue is terrible...right? I mean, this score has to be a bit of a shock but the outcome certainly couldn’t have been. -CardinalsFan
  7. If Trinity doesn't win this game by a MINIMUM of 5 TD's, something went terribly wrong. There are a dozen teams in Cincinnati alone that would be a better match for Trinity than Moeller. They are a shell of what they once were and haven't been relevant in almost a decade. Rocks Roll -CardinalsFan
  8. Yeah...and out state competition. Manual is on LaSalle's schedule for 9/18. If their season gets cancelled, that creates an opening for LaSalle. Crazy times. -CardinalsFan
  9. And does Manual's entire season go up in smoke if JCPS cancels fall sports? -CardinalsFan
  10. Soooo...can someone confirm if they still have that date open? -CardinalsFan
  11. So that's a big fat "NO" on playing schools in Ohio? District guidance? -CardinalsFan
  12. So now the bye week is filled....good. After only getting two wins last year and 0 the two years prior, good to see the Indians getting as much as they can in this year. Any idea what the Froshmore sched looks like NKY Pete? You seem to the go-to guy for all things Holy Cross. Thanks, -CardinalsFan
  13. Wait...Boone County is not ALLOWING them to play Elder? Why? Nothing in the KHSAA regs prevent that game from taking place. -CardinalsFan
  14. Well that's good to hear. Never know with a Manual squad what they are going to be. Just don't follow them enough. As good as LaSalle was last year, they will be better this year. GO CRIMSONS!!! -CardinalsFan
  15. Is this year's Manual team expected to be any good? I shudder to think what LaSalle is going to do to them in Louisville...ugh.... -CardinalsFan
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