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2023 Paducah Tilghman Blue Tornado

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22 minutes ago, Joe Tracy said:

Other than Hopkinsville, PT should wallop the rest of their district. Times running out for them to beat Mayfield with the best team they've had for a long time. 

PT is in for a rude awakening if that is what they think. 

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Paducah and Warren East will Battle for #1.  Both biggest area in the district, both with biggest talent pool.  If PT will run the balls, they should be able to win it the district and compete deep in playoffs.

Logan County will most likely be the #3.  Never a star studded team, but very solid all around.  Adler is doing a great job there and has built some good teams.

ACS, Hop, and Calloway will battle for the bottom three.  (Yes, ACS/Hop may have a great year, but I just mean in general) Hopkinsville is hit or miss; I believe Clark/Staff took the job looking ahead to the merger.  Calloway is building but has a lot to go. Still will be tough to compete with all those youngins.  Allen County is in similar boat.  Not a great year, but have a good staff and players they can develop.


Yes, PT should win the district.  Rider is a monster if they feed him behind all the beef. PT underachieved by a long shot last season; Warren East was 12-1 with Pasley coming back.  The kid is a monster.  This will be a great game is both teams are healthy.


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I heard through the grapevine that Malachi Rider is transferring to a school in Missouri.  I don’t know the details about why he is transferring.  A big loss for the Tornado as he was a big back for them (but injured for much of last season).  Does anyone know who will be the next RB up for PT?

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34 minutes ago, Tracy House said:

I think the young man that replaced him, while Rider was injured was J. White which was no pushover.

Correct but beleive he was a Senior.

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