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  1. Tilghman has one of the best pitchers in the state, he struck out 20 batters in the game with McCracken but lost 3-2. McCracken has more pitching depth but in a single game it could be over for either team.
  2. McCracken County on a roll won 11 games in a row, beating some good teams. Beat Marshall County last night 18 to 6 in 6 innings. Ben Higdon 2 homers, a Grand Slam and one with 1 on, 7 RBI, scored 4 times himself.
  3. First 2 games are wins after that it's a brutal schedule for the Marshalls.
  4. Was there on a pretty cold night, West had the Mustangs number the whole game. The first 2 runs scored by both teams were on overthrows at first base. The relief pitchers also threw shutout baseball basically with no team able to take advantage until the final hit.
  5. If not for the final 1/2 inning the game was not close, an over throw on a dribbler to the pitcher allowed 2 runs on the error. big crowd great weather at Historic Brooks Stadium. They meet again in 1 week at McCracken County's Edward Jones Field.
  6. How about that, Big Game Tuesday Night at Historic Brooks Stadium in Paducah, KY Paducah Tilghman hosts District Rival McCracken County. Will be as packed a house as possible I would assume.
  7. Tonight they won one in the bottom of the 7th 6-5 over Hopkinsville who had led most of the game.
  8. McCracken has lost their last three games in xtra innings just can't get runs to win. They have a very deep pitching staff, just need the tide to turn as they have about 4 games coming up with good teams.
  9. GoMcCracken on twitter shows loss 3-2, West Kentucky Star shows win 3-2 Paducah Sun shows loss 3-2.
  10. It's been reported both ways McCracken wins 3-2 and McCracken loses 3-2. Anybody know for sure?
  11. Well McCracken County got their bubble busted last night as Graves County shut them out 1 to 0.
  12. McCracken County playing well, at #3 new season new coach. Spring sports a McCracken County strong suit in the past. Lots of good players in the western part of state with several schools ready to go.
  13. Marshall County won by one point in previous meeting, gonna be a barnburner most likely.
  14. Really thought they would beat Pikeville by a larger score, second round could be against the 1st game of the season loss to Bethlehem.
  15. McCracken County has thought about it a lot as trying to entice teams to come and play multiple games on weekends has been difficult since most don't want to travel and get rained out.
  16. By the way McCracken County plays Football.
  17. McCracken played well enough to beat most teams, but Highlands shot the 3 better than any team I've heard of. My grandson said Ashland shoots the same way. When you don't allow a field goal in the 4th Quarter you would assume you would win, but fouling was most of the reason for the lack of field goals. Good luck to the Highland team.
  18. Good defense wins at times, McCracken does play good defense. Good Luck Mustangs.
  19. True, usually 1st region teams have problems with games being more physical and fouls called in 1st region are play on at the state level. I believe 1959 North Marshall is last State Champion from the 1st Region.
  20. 2015 they failed to win the District for the only time in 8 years of existence, they have not lost a game to a 1st Region team in 2020 or 2021. All time they are 130 and 27 in the 1st Region.
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