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  1. The Second Region is one of the toughest in the state. It would be nice to see Lyon do some damage.
  2. As long as UK remains near the bottom in recruiting in the SEC, seasons like this may be more common than we'd like. A 5-star running back is simply much faster than a one star or two star defensive player and will slip past them most of the time. We've seen excellent players with Stoops here, but we need to get better recruiting. He's said that himself at most press conferences.
  3. Hopefully these freshman can stay together and be responsible and not get into trouble. If so, the future looks bright for the Blue.
  4. Ya'll need to keep an eye on Tilghman's freshman running backs. They seem to be pretty good so far. Long way to go though. Hopefully they can stay healthy and bring PT back to the promised land.
  5. Tilghman is second in the state in total wins. Sadly, they rank first in first-round losses in the Sweet 16.
  6. All the match ups seem to be fair. Honestly, no team has an easy road to Lexington.
  7. Close score. Tilghman can play when they want to.
  8. Although I'm a Paducah Tilghman graduate, I'm pulling for Mayfield.
  9. This year's State finals only has one team from the western part of the state, Mayfield. Goes to show that the rest of us in the western part of the Commonwealth have a lot of work to do. Eastern Kentucky is shining bright right now. Maybe next year we can flip the script.
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