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1st Region Off-Season Discussion (2024-2025)

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We had the 1st Region ranked like this near the end of the season last year.  What does this year look like?

1. Marshall County (22-7) - this is a well-balanced team that is simply finding ways to win right now.

2. McCracken County (24-7) - the one/two punch of Senior Connor Miller and Sophomore Jackson Klope may be enough to lead them to Rupp Arena.

3. Murray (23-9) - a very narrow loss to the Marshals, and I think they led most of the way.  This is a senior-led team that has a very good chance.

4 (tie). Mayfield (19-8) - this team just keeps getting better.  They are capable of a big upset this week.

4 (tie). Paducah Tilghman (14-15) - they have some guys who are really playing well right now.  My question for them is are they capable of strining together three wins in a row?

6. Graves County (20-10) - the Eagles have been on a slide the last part of the season, but this team also has several seniors who don't want their high school career to end.

7. Carlisle County (21-10) - Coach Oneil is crafty and he will have them ready to play this week.

8. Fulton County (6-23) - their mascot is the Pilots.

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D Wolf’s Top 10 would be:

1. Calloway Co (can they get over the hump?)

2. Marshall Co. (don’t lose much from the Region 1 title team)

3. McCracken Co. (always towards the top of Region 1)

4. Tilghman (guards, guards and more guards. Do they have any size?)

5. St. Mary (return quite a trio but not much else)

6. Murray (lose 4 key seniors but lots of young talent)

7a. Graves Co (watch out for Waller)

7b. Mayfield (also has a lot of young talent)

9. Carlisle Co. (should win District 1 again)

10. Ballard Co (Jace Birney!)

What would y’all change?

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Your rankings look very accurate to me. I think there will be a slight gap between 3.McCracken and 4. Tilghman and a bigger gap between 5. St. Mary and everybody else. 

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14 hours ago, D Wolf said:

I had not heard anything about Klope.  He would easily be a Top 5 player in 1st Region. Did he have a significant injury?

ACL tear, confirmed last week. 

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Man I really hate that for him.  He’s a great player - really good size and handles the ball well for his size too!  If he won’t be available next year then I still expect Klope to have a big senior year.  

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